Panhwar Jet

World’s 1st All-Electric Long Range Jet disrupting Trillion $ Aviation Industry

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Technology, Financial Services, Community & Lifestyle, Transportation & Storage
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April 01, 2024
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Key Deal Facts

Innovated sustainable wind powered energy generation technology, verified by industry experts. 5 seater luxury jet’s design & simulations completed, and fuselage production started in June 2022. Expect to take our first flight in the next 18 months, working with FAA for certification. The cost of travel will substantially fall to $25 VS $1,800 per hour by its fossil fuel counterpart. Panhwar Jet’s CEO, Ayisha, was featured on the cover page of Utah Business Magazine in Jan 2022. Founders, Nick & Ayisha featured as successful startup launch couple on CSUF Business in Sep, 2021! Founders have 37 combined years of experience in engineering & entrepreneurs with successful exists.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Ayisha Fareed Panhwar CEO & Co-FounderAyisha Fareed is Innovation champion with a 17 years of a technology background. She has been part of all levels of innovations in a large organization and has the experience to structure teams relevant to the innovation process., Nick Panhwar Chief Engineer & C0-FounderNick Panhwar has 20 years of experience as a dynamic leader with a marine & aerospace engineering background. He worked for several engineering & logistics companies. He also worked with leading aerospace companies on different innovative solutions, Syeda Zainab Hussain COO & Co-FounderZainab Hussain is experienced and possesses outstanding organizational skills. Zainab understands the complexities of business, politics, and culture. She has been assisting with research work, look after the simulation & testing.

Amount Raised : $314,400
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