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September 22, 2022
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December 28, 2022
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Equal parts entertainment studio, streaming platform, and creative community, Conscious Good is an innovative ecosystem for people seeking to create, experience, and share conscious media. Our products and services include the Creators Network for mindful media makers, the entertainment platform CGood TV, original film, series and video asset production, and mobile apps to turn these values into social action. We are in the market, and building our network.


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$10,000+ Investment
$10,000+ | Take Center Stage
All Previous Perks + If you have a show completed, it will be featured throughout Conscious Good (newsletter, social and CGood.TV). If you don’t, spend time on set and/or get early access to new content.

Key Deal Facts

We believe Conscious Good is one of the first, creator-owned conscious media companies, aiming to shift the standard media model while powering a conscious media movement.

Through our streaming platform CGood TV, we aim to be a leader in the media segment of this $4.5 trillion market with entertainment that reflects and promotes the values of conscious living (source)

We are harnessing the power of global economic trends toward conscious lifestyles, including the rise of yoga and meditation practices. (source)

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Erica Cornwall

Head of Creators Network, Storytelling Services (Part-Time)

A producer, creative director and magazine editor, Erica has built creative strategies for brands such as LVMH, Warner Music, and YouTube; films of Ron Howard, Judd Apatow and Spike Lee at Universal Pictures; Richard Branson, Ian Schrager and Rande Gerber among others. She held leadership positions at SWG/VICE, Flaunt Magazine, and Full Picture. She helps brands, creatives, and nonprofits tell their stories effectively and supports causes and people she believes in.
Erica currently works Part-Time at The Conscious Good & plans to switch to Full-Time soon. 

Lorraine Hess

Head of CGood TV Programming

Lorraine is a seasoned programmer specializing in international and domestic film production, program licensing and acquisitions, distribution and curation for broadcast, digital and festivals. 15+ years of experience in contract licensing, programming strategy, production, packaging and promotion, scheduling, fundraising, proposal writing, distribution and outreach. Her career experience includes Co-Founder/VP Programming/Acquisitions, producer for PBS series Global Spirit, and consultant for Bertha Foundation, KCETLINK, among others.
Lorraine currently works Part-Time at The Conscious Good. 

Jessica Buzzard

Head of Brand and Creative

Jessica is a senior creative executive with a strong track record of engaging audiences with brands to achieve business objectives. Her expertise includes brand strategy, creative direction, market research, content creation across video, social, graphic, blogs, and more. For over 12 years she worked as Head of Brand & Creative for the Sundance Institute, as well as the Director of Marketing for the Geffen Playhouse. 
Jessica currently works Full-Time at The Conscious Good. 

Ken Hunt

Head of Finance & Operations

Ken is a senior leader that elevates businesses to the next level with a successful history of building and optimizing companies, processes, divisions, teams, and relationships. Ken's career experience includes 16 years as SVP of Finance & Operations at MountainView Financial Solutions and 10 years as Senior Financial Reporting Manager at Harleysville Insurance.
Ken currently works Part-Time at The Conscious Good.
Amount Raised : $13,759
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