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Common Stock
Hospitality, Real Estate, Service Businesses, Technology
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Miami, FL
Offering Date
September 30, 2022
Expected Close Date
January 05, 2023
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Company Description

TENNTS is a proptech startup that offers an all-in-one platform that combines rental automation , property management, and hospitality services to landlords. The company automates property operations and rental management to save users time and money, and its integrated vetting process ensures a better, safer experience for renters. TENNTS is in-market and a part of a new, growing industry.


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Key Deal Facts

TENNTS automates the administration of rental properties and hospitality services by connecting buildings and residents with vetted local businesses.

The Home Services market size was valued at USD 346.66 Billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 2,247.84 Billion by 2028 (source).

Investors get the opportunity to disrupt a booming market through a tech-forward, vertically integrated company.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Carlos Balsaloble

CTO & Shareholder

Carlos Balsadore is CTO of TENNTS. He ensures that technology matches market demand, delivering software with quality, best practices, stability, and scale.
Carlos is passionate about technology and opened a computer maintenance and networking business at the age of 16. Later, Carlos served as a Backend Developer for early-stage startup and founded “Neomode,” a technology startup for retail that became a reference in omnichannel and white label apps in Brazil, where he served as CTO and software architect.
Carlos earned a bachelor's degree in Information Systems from Universidade Positivo.

Emilia Briceno

City Operations Director & Shareholder

Emilia is City Director of Operations of TENNTS. She has an affinity for technology, tools, and innovative work processes. She is passionate about finding innovative ways to track progress and maintain relationships with third parties, particularly within the real estate market.
Emilia continues to grow her knowledge of building organizational missions, customer service, and company strategy. She earned an MBA from Millennia Atlantic University. 

Will Misloski

Board Advisor

Will Miloski is CMO of TENNTS. He is a seasoned and results-driven C-Suite Marketing Executive with experience scaling companies at varying stages of growth, from start-up to public. 
Will was formerly Chief Marketing Officer for MedAvail, before joining MedAvail, Will was SVP of Customer Marketing at Go Daddy, where he led the company in new global marketing strategies. He has also served as VP and General Manager at Orbitz. 
Will holds degree in Finance from the University of Illinois and a Master degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University.

Erick Sasse

Co-founder & Board Advisor

Ericke Sasse is co-founder and board tech advisor of TENNTS. He is the founder of two software companies, one of which is Cadena.com.br, which develops solutions for the radio market. He also founded Monde.com.br, which creates a management system for travel agencies. 
Erick continues to explore different areas in the technology industry.  

Felipe Hofstatter

Co-founder & Board Advisor

Felipe Hofstatter, a real estate professional and investor based in Miami, is a co-founder of TENNTS. He heads Hofstatter Realty LLC, a real estate investment firm that acquires and operates multifamily assets throughout the southeastern United States. His involvement in the real estate industry includes private equity and brokerage. 
Felipe is also a co-founder of TENNTS and holds real estate licenses in Florida and New York.
Amount Raised : $9,679
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