Ally Robotics

Democratizing robotics with affordable, extensible, no-code robotic arms

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Amount Raised: $4,807,563
Min Investment
Offering Date
October 03, 2022
Expected Close Date
May 13, 2023
Target Raise
No. Investors

Company Description

Economic growth in the US and around the globe has lifted more people into the middle class, leaving a vast labor shortage in service industries. As educational attainment grows, fewer people entering the labor force are interested in service sector and similar industries.

Key Deal Facts

Ally is making robotic arms affordable, lightweight, smart, and easy to use
No-code programming and imitation learning for unique ease of use
$30M potential revenue via a non-binding Letter of Intent
Designed from day one with manufacturability and affordability in mind
Led by alums from Microsoft, Stanley Black & Decker, and Nokia

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