Cognate Language Learning, Inc.

Cognate Language Learning, Inc.

The first truly customizable language learning solution

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Technology, Retail, Education
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Wilmington, DE
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April 30, 2023
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Key Deal Facts

Hyper-personalization is the future of language learning, and we are the first mover
Far more vocabulary than the largest competitors, and product shows users words relevant to them
The B2B and referral LOIs already in place should lead to 5+K users by end of 2023 (not guaranteed)
US C-Corp with operations in Germany, a hub for the language-learning industry
Artificial intelligence will serve as backbone for a host of future feature improvements
Gamification (including games) and other features scheduled for 2023
Trial ad campaign yielded above-average clickthrough rates and a CAC of $14
Raised $120,000 in earlier round at $2M valuation from angel investors (successful startup founders)

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Alejandro Paschalides CEO & FounderLearned German to C1 level (professional fluency) in 2 years. Wharton grad with 12 years of work experience, including 8 years in business strategy for a Fortune 50 media & subscription-based business., Shirley Lu COO & Co-FounderStayed fluent in Chinese (Mandarin) despite growing up in an English environment. Achieved Distinction in ABRSM Grade 8 Piano. 4 years business development and sales experience in spinal surgery industry. Avid gamer and self-taught coder., Tamim Zaki CMO & Co-FounderFluent in Arabic, English, and German with a UX/UI and creative design background, and 4 years of experience working in multiple startup projects. Last but not least, designed the cute purple cat.
Amount Raised : $55,713
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