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Technology, Financial Services
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Delaware City , Delaware

Key Deal Facts

A platform for the booming business of skilled remote contract work
$4k MRR and 410 contractors registered in 4 weeks
Founders hail from Harvard, Dartmouth, Snapchat; and have done independent work with 15+ clients
$9.6B revenue opportunity in the US and growing 30% year-on-year
Investors: Amino Capital, Phoenix Club, Pareto; execs at Amazon, Salesforce; scouts at Sequoia, KP

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

David Paffenholz CEO & co-founderPreviously International Growth at Snap and Founder's Associate at Moonfare. BA from Harvard, Economics., Ishan Gupta CTO & co-founderPreviously led a development agency with 15+ clients. Ex-SWE at BlueLearn. On leave from Dartmouth (Computer Science)
Amount Raised : $802,131
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