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Technology, Financial Services, Service Businesses
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February 12, 2021
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Key Deal Facts

🚀 Over 100 customers in 15 countries, such as Vodafone, US Navy, and WNS
🏆 50+ Partners onboarded to the Partnership Program. $500K Pipeline built in 5 months.
🎨 Over 1200+ Applications built using Plant an App.
💸 Very high cash efficiency - reached $1.3m ARR with just $1.2m investment to date.
📈 $16b market low-code market, projected at 159bn by 2030 (Acumen).
🌱 Free Harvest Plan for 1 year with all investments over $5,000
🎯 Experienced team with impressive product experience in developer components space.
📤 In 3 months the team achieved going from $100,000 burn per month to $100,000 in profit.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Bogdan Litescu Founder & CEOPreviously built a developer tools business that had over 4,000 customers worldwide and grew to be #1 in its space., Alexander Sonic Chief Financial OfficerCorporate finance, capital raising and M&A professional with over 17 years of experience as former Executive Director at Morgan Stanley and adviser to tech start-ups and family offices., Dale Warner Head of SupportInformation technology professional with experience in software development and project management dating back to 1980., Alex Agapie Head of Delivery and Onboarding, Matthew Putnam Sales & Marketing9 years of experience working with Start-ups.

Supported companies like Goodhabitz and Go1 with early GTMs in the UK.

Supported Go1 from the start-up stage through 3 rounds of funding., Mirabela Mijea HR ManagerHR Professional with 10 years of progressive HR experience within the IT, accounting, and payroll industries.

Passionate about HR, discovering innovative ways to ensure that HR makes a difference., Radu Florescu Partnerships15 years experience in the IT industry working for companies like IBM and UiPath. MBA graduate, with extensive background in managing Strategic Partnerships and Customers in various Industries., Tycho de Waard Marketing Lead, Alex Neatu Head of OperationsWith over 15 years of experience working in global operations, I am passionate about growing organizations and building sustainable, durable and
multicultural teams.
Amount Raised : $225,950
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