J & J House of Skills

Jordan & Jamal are getting a gym for their basketball training business!

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Amount Raised: $25,300
Expected Close Date
November 30, 2022
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Company Description

At JJHOS (J&J House of Skills), we believe that we have found a new niche within our basketball training industry. Our mission is to provide access to high quality equipment and high quality training to all athletes regardless of their zip code. While there are over 126,000 basketball coaches, there could be double the amount of basketball trainers. As of today, we have not been able to find trainers who offer a true mobile one to one training. At present, there are 26,000,000 basketball players in the United States. Not every basketball player has access to a court. Additionally, even within the same state, different zip codes afford different opportunities than others which is the wealth and opportunity gap. At JJHOS, we meet the needs of all regardless of their zip code, through our mobile training sessions. With our mobile sessions, we bring the gym/court to our clients by utilizing a truck and trailer. If they want to work out within the confines of their driveway, we can do that. If they want to put up shots at the beach, we can handle that as well! We can literally pull up anywhere and train athletes wherever they want us to show up!

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The mission of J&J House of Skills is to provide access to high quality training and high quality equipment to all basketball players and track athletes., You can invest for as little as $100 and be repaid overtime with interest. Check out your potential earnings in the photos above!

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