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Common Stock
Film & Video, Technology
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October 11, 2022
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January 09, 2023
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To edit down to a 2-hour movie, Hollywood directors must shoot over 300 hours worth of shots. The preparation that goes into each shot is wildly expensive. That’s why big movies cost $200-300 million. CineLogic is a new way of filmmaking that eliminates the need for 292 of those 300 hours. First, we make inexpensive animated versions of the film, one after another, until we’re satisfied that our movie design is award-caliber quality. The final animated version then serves as the precision template for shooting the real film. Our mission is to franchise this system to talented filmmakers everywhere.


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$249+ Investment
StartEngine Owner’s Bonus
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Friends and Family
15% bonus shares within the first 72 hours





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$250+ Investment
$250 - The Big Fan
Please select a one-of-a-kind CineLogic T-shirt.

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$1,000+ Investment
$1,000 - The Associate Producer
Exclusive insider access via digital Behind the Scenes while filming, along with a digital copy of our first feature.

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$2,000+ Investment
$2,000 - The Screenwriter
We will review your screenplay and provide consulting, as it relates to our innovations. Works very well for action scripts.

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$7,500+ Investment
$7,500 - The Insider
Spend time with us as an extra on set and make it into a guaranteed scene in the final movie.

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$15,000+ Investment
$15,000 - The Apprentice
Get an inside view into the technology through first-hand experience at CineLogic Academy. During your apprenticeship, you’ll be trained by Hollywood veterans and be in the running to join our team. Includes access to digit

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$30,000+ Investment
$30,000 - The Innovator
We are looking for team members to train and join our team. You will be engaged in production through a complete CineLogic movie process. Once you pass a basic competency test, you will be placed at the top of our list for co

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$50,000+ Investment
$50,000 - The Actor - 5% bonus shares
Get some real screen time in our first movie! Work on set with us as a featured player. You will go through wardrobe, hair and make up, plus a VIP lunch with key producers and actors. Includes bonus shares, hote

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$100,000+ Investment
$100,000 - The Action Hero - 5% bonus shares
Let us produce a full action sequence, with you as a star or perhaps a loved one? Do your own stunts or have us fill those spots for you. This package includes proper training, bonus shares, hotel and air
Amount Raised : $38,536
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