Africa Growing Plc

Africa Growing Plc

Africa Growing Plc (AGP) in partnership with Food Scientists at Rowett Institute, University of Aberdeen, have patented ‘Sciiona' a micro-coating technology’, to improve taste and performance of nutrient dense ‘superfoods powders'.

Transportation & Storage
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London , United Kingdom
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Company Description

AGP is a UK company incorporated on 27th June 2014 and is currently valued at £2,492,337. AGP.s paid up share capital is made up of 111,764 shares of £0.50. These shares will, at the close of the fund raise, be sub divided by 10 to give 1,117,640 shares of £0.05. The company is offering 33,632 shares at £2.23 per share to raise a maximum of £75,000. The minimum investment is £44.60. These shares come with the benefit of EIS tax relief (30%). Sciiona is the brand trading name of AGP. The company is run by its two directors, Victor Thomson and Gary Walker and a team of experienced advisors. The two directors have loaned the company over £114,000 which will be converted at the same price offered to investors in this pitch.

Amount Raised : £1,835
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