Trade Street Jam Co.

Trade Street Jam Co.

Minority & woman-owned gourmet food company. Clean labels. Culinary inspired.

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Convertible Note
Retail, Community & Lifestyle
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Brooklyn, NY
Expected Close Date
April 30, 2023
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Key Deal Facts

Bootstrapped to over $600k revenue
$5.5M valuation based on 2021 angel investment fundraising
Expanded product portfolio to include hot sauces, elixirs, baking mixes & more
Direct-to-consumer brand centered around clean label ingredients and culinary innovation
Projected $1.3M revenue for 2023 (not guaranteed)

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Ashley Rouse Founder & CEO18 years of culinary experience. 6 years of marketing and social media. 14 years of putting food in jars. Creative mastermind with an eye for design. Honest and focused. Favorite jam? "Plum + Rose. It's super floral and totally romantic.", Donald Rouse Advisor17 years of marketing experience. 9 years in CPG. Strategic thinker helping brands grow their revenue and customer base. Favorite jam? "Smoked Peach. Hands down. There's nothing like it. It's wild.", Danita White Marketing Manager5 years of digital content creation and social media experience. Passionate about online community building, small business growth, and creative storytelling. Detail oriented. Favorite jam? "Plum + Rose. It's literally perfect with almost anything.", Bridgette Salley E-commerce SpecialistLifecycle marketing expert. 8 years of experience in the e-commerce space. 6 years of experience in growing DTC businesses. Favorite jam? "Sour Cherry Ginger. It's sweet and sour at the same time!", Abraham Williamson Outside General Counsel4 years of legal finance experience. 12 years of simplifying innovative ideas. 4 years of micro angel investing. Inquisitive workhorse. Favorite jam? "Smoked Peach. It adds good vibes--on the side or on top--any time of day!", Shondra WASHINGTON CFOOn-demand CFO and strategist for early-stage companies. 9 years in operations & finance. Helped companies raise a total of $30M. Creative at heart. Puts the “E” in energy. Favorite jam? "Blueberry Lemon Basil. I love it mixed into bourbon!", Suni Thakor Investor18+ years in global growth strategy and portfolio management. Favorite jam? "I actually love the Cherry Chipotle Mocktail Elixir! It makes a great cocktail.", Melissa Bradley InvestorSerial entrepreneur, investor, professor and researcher. Expertise in investing, financial services, entrepreneurship, venture capital, social responsibility and media. Significant start-up experience. Aspirational golfer., Jarryn Mercer Customer Success & Project CoordinatorOver 10 years of executive support in higher education and finance. MPA and M.S.Ed. holder. Enjoys being creative through project management. Favorite jam? "Cranberry Raspberry Sage. Literally no other jam tastes this good in a cocktail."
Amount Raised : $120,000
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