3429 W 8th St

3429 W 8th St

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Cincinnati, OH
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This property is an occupied, fully renovated 3 bedroom 1 bathroom single family home located in a trending neighborhood of Cincinnati. The following renovations have been completed: Updated kitchen, new appliances, new bathroom, new laminate flooring, 6 repaired windows, repaired drywall throughout, new door, new wooden handrails on stairs, new exterior wooden step at door, two new light fixtures on 1st floor, 2 new outdoor, lights, new hot water tank, interior & exterior paint.
The tenant started their 1 year lease on 9/28/2021.
The seller is providing the LLC with $1,800 in order to sell the property faster. This will be added to the total annual gross rent for the next year only.


Update 4/28/2022: Token holders voted to change the Property Manager to Berkshire Hathaway.
Update 9/20/2022: The tenant reported a roof leak in the home. A vendor has inspected the property and submitted an estimate for roof repairs. The estimate includes: Remove and replace flashing and shingles around chimney. Remove and replace singles around pipe flashing on front left of property. Install new counter flashings to entire chimney. Seal entire chimney with masonry sealer. Install crown coat to entire. 1 year workmanship warranty on all repairs. The total cost for the repairs is $2091.20. These funds will be deducted from the Maintenance Reserve which will be replenished via 10% of the cash flow until it is full again. We are waiting for the Property Manager to confirm if there was any weather activity during the time of the loss that could qualify the incident for an insurance claim. Insurance coverage may be denied by insurance as the job is mostly maintenance related.
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