Ohio 3 Property Package

Ohio 3 Property Package

Available: 48 tokens at $50+

Min Investment
Akron, OH
Projected Return

Company Description

This offering is a package of 3 occupied properties (2 SFRs and 1 duplex) in Ohio. Two of the properties are in Akron and the other property is in Euclid.
Property addresses:

1321 Allendale Ave, Akron, OH 44306
1258 Lily St, Akron, OH 44301
1518 Dille Rd, Euclid, OH 44117

All 3 properties are under 1 LLC and purchasing tokens in this deal gives you ownership of all 3 properties.
Refer to the 'Documents' tab above to view the following information:

Purchase contracts
Rent rolls
Inspection reports
Inspection report notes
Renovations and updates
HouseCanary reports

1321 Allendale Ave and 1258 Lily St each come with 1 year home warranties.
Our A.I. does not have enough data for 1321 Allendale Ave and 1258 Lily St to make an accurate forecast of the future appreciation. Because of this, we are not projecting that these properties will rapidly appreciate. The projected appreciations of 6.6% and 6.2% are determined by HouseCanary's 1 year block-level projection of the two properties.
The LLC documents will be uploaded to the 'Documents' tab once the property is fully funded and closed.
Update (4/19/2022): Both leases have been renewed for 1 year each at the same rental rate.
1321 Allendale Ave

Update 10/13/2022: The tenant recently made a payment of $1,100 bringing down their balance to $2,200. They currently owe for August and September rent. The tenant promised to pay $1,100 at the end of the September and has not paid per the agreement. The tenant has applied for Rental Assistance and the PM posted a 3-day notice to start the process on eviction to increase the chances of approval. The PM also advised that the tenant cannot be evicted for 90 days if the rental assistance award is accepted for the tenant.

1258 Lily St

Update 10/13/2022: The tenant currently owes a balance of $2,390. The balance is the Housing Voucher rent portion that has not been paid for May-July ($1,560) and the remainder ($830) is the tenant rent portion. The PM is currently working on retrieving the funds from the Housing Authority and it will ultimately be the tenant's responsibility to pay the rent if the Housing Authority does not pay it.
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