The hub for women affected by complex chronic conditions - starting with PCOS

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October 27, 2022
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April 30, 2023
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Key Deal Facts

PCOS impacts 10% of females (7 million people in U.S.)
PCOS costs $2k-13k/yr to manage, harms QoL, and status quo care is failing
Pollie's app provides personalized, evidence-based, OBGYN-backed PCOS care
83% of Pollie members feel better after 2 months
Long-term: One-stop-shop for 30% of females with a chronic condition
Participated in Bayer's G4A accelerator (largest investor)


Sponsor 1 person through 3 months of Pollie's PCOS Program

Sponsor 3 people through 3 months of Pollie's PCOS Program

Sponsor 4 people through 3 months of Pollie's PCOS Program
Free Baseline or Essentials Pollie lab package for yourself or a loved one

Sponsor 6 people through 3 months of Pollie's PCOS Program
Free Baseline, Essentials, or Advanced Pollie lab package for yourself or a loved one

Sponsor 10 people through 3 months of Pollie's PCOS Program
Free Baseline, Essentials, or Advanced Pollie lab package for yourself or a loved one
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Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Jane Sagui
Co-founder & CEO
Jane has been passionate about women's health, and more specifically hormonal health, since being diagnosed with PCOS nearly a decade ago. She previously focused on digital health companies as a management consultant (PwC) and VC (NGP Capital).

Sabrina Mason
Co-founder & COO
Sabrina has a public health background. She has experience working with providers (Boston Children's) and health tech companies (athenahealth, Tempus) where she held a variety of operational and product roles.

Sam Ennis
Sam is a software architect who has spent a decade building human-services software for millions of users, ranging from statewide Covid relief disbursement to cancer therapy management. He loves journalism, social science, and amateur entomology.

Janice Yiu
Content & Community Lead
Janice is a certified Health and Nutrition Coach with a background in marketing within the health and wellness space. She focuses on brand marketing, copywriting, and content creation.

Dr. Melanie Green, PhD
Medical & Research Advisor
Dr. Melanie Green is one of the country’s leading pediatric endocrinologists and researchers specializing in PCOS in adolescence. She is founder and Director of the Multi-Disciplinary PCOS Clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Dr. Gina Merchant, PhD
Behavior Science Advisor
Dr. Merchant is a behavior scientist who has experience in chronic care management platforms, remote monitoring, wearables, and health coaching. Her expertise is in cardio-metabolic health, intervention design, and user engagement.

Dr. Avi Tsur, PhD, OBGYN
Medical & Research Advisor
Dr. Avi Tsur is Founder and Director of the Sheba Women’s Health Innovation Center in Israel. He completed his fellowship at Stanford and has done a wide range of women's health research.

Dr. Pooja Mahtani, PharmD, CNS
Medical Advisor
Dr. Mahtani is a functional nutritionist and previous pharmacist whose current work focuses on helping women with PCOS and other hormone conditions find the root cause of their symptoms.

Rebecca Thieneman, MS, RDN, NBC-HWC
Medical & Care Team Advisor
Rebecca is a functional practitioner who has scaled coached teams at other digital health companies. Under her oversight, she took Omada's team from 10 to 100+ coaches.

Dr. Saru Bala, ND
Medical Advisor

Valerie Agyeman, RD
Medical Advisor

Dr. Morgan West, DO, OBGYN
Medical Advisor
Amount Raised : $21,430
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