EcoHedge helps businesses to measure & reduce their carbon footprint.

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Company Description

EcoHedge is a UK based climate-tech start-up focused on helping companies to become leaders in the fight against climate change.

Our software aims to save companies time, effort and money through automating the previously manual process of measuring their entire carbon footprint.

EcoHedge will seamlessly link with common business applications (like Xero and Sage) & use artificial intelligence to replace the previously manual task of categorising transactions.

Set up will be simple, meaning minimum effort but maximum coverage and we will help companies to move from using purely financial data, to interrogating product details.

If companies can see product details like weight, shipping distances and materials they can make more informed decisions, with more accurate data, which is a game changer for carbon accounting.

Monetisation strategy
The company has a clear SaaS monetisation strategy that we intend to implement. EcoHedge will be launching two products in the B2B enterprise space: EcoHedge 'Express' and 'Enterprise', charged as an annual subscription.

In the EU, manufacturing accounts for 40% of all emissions, and in the UK 90% of electronic manufacturing companies are SMEs. Our 'Express' product will aim to serve this market, comprised of over 6000 companies in the UK, an £80m market.

EcoHedge 'Enterprise' will offer a more bespoke business intelligence platform for organisations to measure and manage their emissions.

Both products will allow businesses to publish and share reports that comply with the latest carbon accounting standards and are priced competitively.

Once emissions are understood and baselined, an entire suite of carbon management products can be developed and sold, such as climate awareness training for employees, carbon removal credits etc. This is our vision for the EcoHedge platform.

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Key Deal Facts

Automated carbon accounting & intelligent categorisation using AI, Backed by Activate Capital & accepted to Virgin Startup Program, 8 Letters of Intent for paid product use, In discussions with leading global manufacturer ($20b revenue)
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