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Higher education marketplace that specialises in undergraduate, and postgraduate markets.

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Company Description

Uni Compare is a cross-platform marketplace that acts as an enabler for undergraduate and postgraduate students. We're initially targeting the domestic market, and as we gain market share, we will then target the £159bn+ total addressable market (TAM).

Universities are spending millions on marketing in a battle to recruit students as competition intensifies. Our marketplace attracts students by displaying university statistics, student reviews, and personalised choices to help students decide which course to choose when applying to university.

We work directly with UCAS to display live course data that helps institutions hit their recruitment targets.

This funding round will allow us to continue to grow into the undergraduate and postgraduate markets as well as focus on creating more products.
Monetisation strategy
We have a series of revenue streams that are well established and growing, as well as new revenue streams that we are introducing over the next 12-18 months. Our revenue streams are broken down into multiple product channels:

• Undergraduate

• Clearing

• Postgraduate

Our products focus on annual subscriptions that universities purchase for increased exposure and the ability to drive traffic and create leads that ultimately lead to student applications and enrolments.

Our products allow universities to generate event bookings, prospectus orders and direct enquiries. Our subscription products off all-year-round recruitment products with fixed targets so institutions can spend securely.

The average spend per university is £24,603, up from the £6,860 it was in our YE20 Seedrs raise. We are in an excellent position to introduce new products to our existing clients.

67.5% of total sales are recurring subscriptions known as 'profiles' that recur annually.

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Key Deal Facts

Profitable business that grew 65% YOY*, 70+ HE clients and expanding into postgraduate markets, Approved UCAS Partner to display live course data, 71% of total sales are recurring subscriptions*
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