Luxuryshakes manufacture a range of exceptional shakes created to fill a significant gap in the market

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Luxuryshakes Ltd. manufacture a range of exceptional branded and private label

shakes, created to fill a significant gap in the market.

Why milkshakes? Because this is a market that is currently devoid of a premium, high-quality, indulgent product range. Think ice cream before Ben & Jerry's and Haagen Dazs

What's the opportunity? The flavoured milk market is currently valued at £545m. It grew 15.5% on last year, and 54% over the last 5 years. But Mintel reports penetration at 15% in the 3 months to March 2022. So the potential is significant (just like it once was in ice cream!).

How will we take that opportunity? By producing wonderfully indulgent, differentiated products, made from natural ingredients, produced from our own factory (to give us total control), using 'state of the art' equipment to provide capacity and capability.

And our shakes already have proof of concept and great traction in the market. But there's more to come. New listings and Plant Based recipes are ready to go!

Monetisation strategy
Our business is focused on B2B.

Our strategy from the outset was to focus on large-scale, mainstream food retail to give us the greatest return in the shortest period of time. We have a factory to fill. Volume is key. But this strategy brings additional benefits:

- Through WHS, JS and Morrison's, we have achieved national distribution

- Brings immediate credibility to your proposition and brand when communicating to stakeholders

- Raises awareness from within the industry and helps to gain further listings - e.g. we have recently been approached by Aldi, having picked up and tasted our brand at Sainsbury's.

- Generates the opportunity for publicity

The next stages in our strategy are to gain further traction within the Food To Go market (through our Co-Op listing),

We will follow this with a focus on:

- The travel sector, specifically roadside retail (Rontec, MFG and BP).

- Online Sales - Ocado and/or Amazon Fresh

- Export to open opportunities beyond the UK market

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Key Deal Facts

We built our factory accredited to the highest BRC standard - AA, Listed with Sainsburys, Morrisons, WHSmith, ZAPP and more on way, 76% growth on average gross monthly revenue from Q1 to Q2*, We believe we're offering investors outstanding value
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