Collabed is an online recruitment platform with an attached industry-specific social network.

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Company Description

Collabed started in November 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our aim is to bridge the gap between University and the Workplace as well as help solve the skill shortage within the Construction Industry. Our company was founded by Alex Ramsden who has 8 years of experience within the construction sector.

Collabed offers job adverts to companies and recruiters within the construction industry. We also screen candidates with plans to use AI/Profile matching to match candidates to jobs. We believe that the industry experience that our team brings to our business, as well as our advisory board, is what will set us apart from traditional job boards.

Our aim is to be the go-to recruitment platform for the construction industry within the next 4 years, offering quality candidates quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Monetisation strategy
When the Collabed platform is fully live, job ads will be sold to recruiters and companies within the construction industry. A standard job ad will likely cost around £200 and will go live on the site for 30 days. All candidates that apply to the job will answer questions by text and voice and the employer can then see all responses as well as their CV.

Collabed intends to use LinkedIn and Indeed to increase the candidate pool so that the strongest candidates are presented to the employer.

We are aiming for an exit in 4-5 years either to a recruitment tech company or an existing job board.

There are other revenue streams that we intend to explore in the future. For example, Collabed could look to monetise the user base by offering premium subscriptions, allowing companies to advertise on the site, charging for learning courses and taking a percentage of sales from a freelancer marketplace.

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14,000 users since June 2021, Helping employers make effective recruitment decisions, In 2020, construction recruitment projected to be fastest-growing, Ambition to exit via trade sale in 4-5 years
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