Renude is an award-winning, AI-powered, skincare concierge service

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Company Description

Powered by our aestheticians and cutting-edge Computer Vision AI, Renude matches products from an expertly curated selection of the world's best-loved, results-driven skincare brands, delivering them to your door.

We’ve achieved incredible results for our users with 90% seeing improvements within weeks.

Our research shows 62% of products purchased don’t work well enough for consumers to buy again and half are discarded before they're finished.

Private skin specialists come at a premium, in-store advisors are swayed by sales targets, and products seen online are often just adverts in disguise. Who has time for this!

Powered by almost 1 million data points and built with almost 50 years of clinical expertise, our proprietary computer vision AI analyses your skin whilst machine learning instantly tailors recommendations based on:

✅ AI Image Analysis of Skin

‎‎‎✅ Skin Type and Concerns

✅ Sensory/Texture Preferences

✅ Ingredients Preferences

✅ Allergies and Intolerances

✅ Medical Contraindications

Monetisation strategy
We generate revenue from product sales. Each customer joins as a member and every 3 months, they top up their Renude account by £20.

This £20 is fully redeemable against product purchases, gaining them access to our incredible service and unlimited advice for no additional cost – and paying no more than RRP for their products!

We take a wholesale margin of 35-50% on product sales, which continue to improve over time as order volumes increase.

We are also in advanced discussions with one of the world’s largest luxury online retailers to licence our service B2B, providing even more revenue opportunity.

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Key Deal Facts

Proprietary AI built on 1M data points, 90% see results in weeks, 54% avg growth in new monthly members, 87% retention after 12M, Team: ex-Beauty Pie, Boots, Estee Lauder + Deep AI expertise, Backed by Antler VC, Founders Factory and Startup Funding Club
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