Greening the Islands

GTI supports project origination and dissemination for island self-sufficiency and sustainability.

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Company Description

GTI offers complete support to island strategies for a sustainable transition: facilitates project origination, identifying innovative solutions, develops business models, monitors funding opportunities, builds capacities, disseminates good practices, aggregates key island stakeholders.

At its core, it’s the GTI Observatory, a think tank to analyse an island's needs and match those with sustainable solutions through tech-specific task forces and the application of the unique GTI Observatory Global Index, produce reports and studies, foster public-private cooperation, and promote innovative projects in the islands.

GTI's services include islands assessment and certification, technical support and training, good practices dissemination to accelerate an island's sustainable journey. The annual GTI e_Convention, international conference and exhibition, offers updates to the public at large from different island regions with a focus on the integration of technology, policy and finance.

Monetisation strategy
Greening the Islands finances its activities through several business units:

· GTI Observatory Memberships (annual fee of Corporates, Islands, Academia &


· Sponsorships of events (GTI e_Convention sponsorship opportunities, GTI Webinars)

· GTI Academy (Training, e-learning)

· Consultancy

· Calls and tenders (depending on budget)

In the near future, most activities and relative revenues will come through the Digital Platform. Revenue will also flow from paid subscriptions to the new GTI Digital Platform, which should greatly expand the scope of all GTI activities, and commissions

through a B2B marketplace.

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Key Deal Facts

7000+ islands involved directly and through Islands Associations, Supported by EU Commission, UN, IRENA, FAO, Asian Dev. Bank, Partnered with key international industry associations, 15 international and national conferences, 7 GTI Awards editions
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