Platanomelón aims to become a sex-positive movement by normalising sexuality and breaking taboos through education. With more than 4M followers, Platanomelón is the leading brand of intimate wellness and erotic toys in Spain and also has a strong position in the Mexican market.

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Platanomelón was created with the aim of normalising sexuality through education: breaking taboos and fighting for a world in which sexuality is part of health and wellbeing., We have a differentiated business model as we are the first digital native vertical brand in Spain in the industry., Our sexology team is at the heart of our business. Together, we have built a community of +4M followers, established ourselves as a reference brand for erotic toys and grown one of the biggest communities in the Hispanic world., We have two outstanding products: first is Mambo, our sucking vibrator (a top-selling product within our erotic toys) that represented 70% of the category in our sites just three months after launch. Second is Kiwitas, our top selling period pants in our menstrual hygiene line., More than 1M orders have been placed in the last 4 years across our 230+ products, generating €19.7M turnover in 2021. While global online sales in Q1 '22 fell by 3%, we continued our positive sales trend and grew by 13%., The global sex-tech industry is currently worth +€60 billion and is expected to exceed €123 billion by 2026., With this raise, we are now ready to:, 1. Strengthen our R&D and sexology departments to expand our sexual education, 2. Develop studies on female sexuality, 3. Develop a consultation platform for sexual help and advice, And so much more! The revolution is here - join us!

Key Deal Facts

€19.7M turnover in 2021 (EBITDA -€129k) and 41% growth versus 2020, Market leaders in Spain and a strong position in Mexico, +92% customer satisfaction in 2022 taken from surveys on our platform, +4M followers across social media
Amount Raised : €365,422
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