Kitepower systems generate electricity by flying kites. One 60m2 Kite will generate enough electricity to power 150 households while weighing only 60 kg and unlike solar PV it generates 24h a day. 15 years of research, 6 years of commercial development and over €4M invested in R&D.

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The world needs renewable energy sources to reach carbon neutrality in 2050, current efforts are not enough., Kitepower is developing a cost-effective alternative to traditional wind energy by using kites to generate electricity. Kitepower’s target market is microgrids (remote areas, temporary power supplies & off-grid installations), a 1 trillion dollar market., We calculate microgrids could save diesel equivalent to over 3 million tons of CO2 emissions yearly by integrating Kitepower as a wind solution, This is an impact equivalent to 50 million new trees grown over 10 years., Kitepower ultimately aims to develop its platform to the scale of current wind turbines, these have seen an annual global growth rate of 14% over the past 20 years., Kitepower’s initial potential customers include; Greener, a market leader for mobile battery solutions & Enerwhere, a leading distributed solar utility in the Middle East & Africa., Kitepower was founded in 2016 as a result of the work done by TU Delft’s pioneering Kitepower research group established by the former Dutch astronaut Wubbo Ockels in 2003., To date Kitepower has undergone 6 years of commercial development, the realisation of two working prototypes and € 4+ M raised in grants, investment & revenues. We have accomplished three temporary pilots and we're now approaching launching one of the first airborne wind energy systems to the market.

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Plug & play, containerised, mobile wind energy, Award-winning, IP protected airborne wind energy technology, Successfully completed 3 pilot installations at customers’ sites, € 4+ M total grants, investment and revenue collected
Amount Raised : €406,126
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