Tilly is a platform that helps women and men take control of their fertility. Backed by leading investors

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Company Description

At Tilly we're on a mission to decrease time to pregnancy and to reduce unnecessary stress among fertility patients.

Our app provides support across all the multiple pain points, physical and mental, that a fertility journey entails. It uses AI to personalise recommendations and programmes because there is no such thing as “one model fits all”.

We (the founders) created Tilly based on our own challenging fertility journies and insights from our engaged community. Since launch, we've seen a consistent monthly user growth of 50% (on avg.).

Backed by leading investors, Tilly wants to reduce the guesswork and confusion on a journey that most of us embark on at some point. Each year an estimated number of 200M couples try to conceive. 1 in 6 needs medical help. And 75% seek help later than optimal. In addition, the psychological effects of fertility struggles are often neglected although 76% report anxiety and 52% report depression.

Tilly is here to change this!

Monetisation strategy
Tilly's end-user monetization strategy (B2C) is built on both freemium subscriptions and one-off sales of a range of customized programmes and courses.

We offer different subscription options, ranging from monthly to annual offerings at price points of approximately £7.49 per month to £46.99 per year. And courses will range from £79 - £199.

Tilly also targets fertility clinics (B2B) looking to improve patient experience and facilitate stress reduction.

Fertility patients show a high willingness to pay - a single IVF treatment can cost up to 14 000 USD and the average patient needs three rounds. Tilly's research also shows that fertility patients spend on average $140 per month on additional services such as supplements and fertility yoga.

The fertility service market is projected to grow from $26 Billion in 2021 to $36 Billion by 2028 so we're targeting a growing market.

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50% avg. monthly user growth with users in 100 countries, Backed by leading investors, including Antler, Female founded - based on own experience of fertility struggles, Tilly app launched in Aug 2021 and is generating revenues
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