Myles is expanding his comfort food brand with a convertible note offering!

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Amount Raised: $14,300
Prepared Foods
Washington , DC
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Company Description

8 Myles is a clean comfort food brand that is inspiring families to share meals and moments at the dinner table. Our vision is a world in which we all stay connected through the beauty of shared nourishment.

Key Deal Facts

After two years of tremendous growth, 8 Myles is launching a new campaign - this time, an equity raise!, From Nov 2020 to Nov 2022, the business has grown exponentially from $35k in revenue to over $330k. They also went from 75 stores to 1,200+ stores nationwide!, You can invest in the campaign for as little as $100. Check out the offering documents for more information., Convertible Notes are a popular way for startups to raise money in their early funding rounds. A convertible note is an unsecured loan that converts to stock at the Maturity Date. The number of shares of stock you receive is determined at the next qualified financing when the price is set for the stock. Convertible notes are useful because they delay the difficult task of determining out how much the startup is worth today.

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