Wallabing, Inc.

Wallabing, Inc.

Spend Less, Wander More

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Plano, TX
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January 24, 2023
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August 28, 2024
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Company Description

Wallabing is a new in-market RV rental platform connecting RV owners and their customers coast-to-coast. Since launching in 2021, the company has expanded to offer listings in 26 U.S. states and is currently focused on customer acquisition through growing brand awareness.

Key Deal Facts

Wallabing’s goal is to make it easier than ever to hit the open road. Our peer-to-peer marketplace allows individual owners and rental businesses to rent out RVs, trailers, campers and vans, and provides customers with transparent, affordable pricing to fit any travel budget. Wallabing’s win-win proposition is that owners make more money, while their customers are out making priceless memories.

Going outside is in! RV ownership is at a record high with an estimated 11.2M households owning RVs and according to recent data, as many as 65M Americans plan to go RVing in 2022. It’s also estimated that the low average earnings for individual RV rentals is about $12.5K annually, creating a valuable market opportunity for Wallabing via our rental fee commission model.*

Wallabing’s management team is passionate to provide the best possible experience for our users. Customer service is at the core of everything we do, focusing not just on tech and travel, but also simplicity, transparency, and hospitality. We believe that these elements are essential for serving both sides of the rental process, and creating a thriving community on our platform.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Jason Carlson Founder and CEO I’ve been interested in outdoor recreation for as long as I can remember. My family spent at least one weekend a month camping when I was a young boy and we had an annual reunion at a National Forrest each August. Between hiking, fishing, boating, and anything else I could get up to out there, I was always taught to appreciate all the wonders our world held for us and encouraged to explore. 
After earning a degree in Finance, and working in asset management and consulting, I realized I wanted to get back to that spirit of adventure that was instilled in me by my parents. When I started my own family, I was eager to show them the wonders that an RV adventure could bring. They fell in love just as I did and that was the true foundation of Wallabing. From there it took a few years to marry my expertise and educational background with the desire I had to instill that same sense of curiosity and exploration in each and every client to create the product we have today. Every day since then has been a different and challenging adventure on it’s own. 

Mary Carlson Founder and Chairman of the Board Entrepreneurship is both in my past and in my heritage. Not only have I been a real estate professional for almost 20 years, I grew up in a completely self-started family business. I learned hard work and dedication from my immigrant grandfather and from my father, who truly lived the American Dream!  
As for me, after becoming both fifth and seventeenth in the country with horseback riding and graduating from SMU, I started my own horse business, where I trained and showed young horses to be sold. Shortly after that, I was invited to work in my family’s office and learn the ropes of commercial real estate investment. Observing many of the risks that my dad took, I knew that I had to take some of my own if I was going to achieve similar success.
The opportunity to take such a chance revealed itself through my husband and I’s love of renting RV’s. We then considered applying our real estate principles to owning a fleet of rental RVs. In the process however, we saw the opportunity to build a marketplace instead—the ultimate rental portfolio. We hope that you will join us on this awesome adventure! Let’s Wallabing!, Alexandra Arbuckle Johnson COOAs a prior business consultant, Alex has 8+ years of experience working with small businesses and startups. Alex has a BA in Communications from Texas A&M and greatly enjoys marketing, branding, and design. She has a passion for helping other people (and businesses) succeed.
Robert Kachmar CTO Rob has over 20 years of experience in technology, a BBA in Management Information System and Organizational Behavior, and a BA in Economics from SMU. Rob values Agile development principles, breaking down complex work and delivering smaller, iterative components to achieve value at the speed of business.
Amount Raised : $21,899
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