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Janover Ventures

The FinTech powering commercial real estate

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Real Estate
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Boca Raton, FL
Offering Date
April 07, 2021
Expected Close Date
October 04, 2021
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Per Per Share: $1.00


Company Description

Multifamily, commercial real estate and business financing has been a black box, carefully guarded by Wall Street. We’re opening it up to the world by empowering the right lenders and borrowers to seamlessly connect in a frictionless digital environment; guided by a team of expert finance practitioners.

Key Deal Facts

The FinTech, Janover Ventures, grew 184% during the pandemic, powering more than $180 million in loan closings for commercial property and business owners.
Janover's proprietary technology, the intelligent portal is processing, on average, $2.6B in loan inquiries per month.
The Janover Ventures suite of websites grew to more than 1 million unique website users last year, primarily from organic, SEO-driven traffic.

Use of Proceeds

The Company will not incur any irregular use of proceeds

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Blake Janover, Founder/CEO
Blake is the Founder & CEO of Janover Ventures. He has more than 15 years of experience in real estate capital markets. Blake has overseen the underwriting and origination of billions of dollars of commercial, multifamily and residential real estate loans and has advised on many billions of dollars more. Blake has nearly 20 years experience as an entrepreneur. His work experience spans multinational corporations, cross-continent logistical infrastructure management, software engineering, and he has managed hundreds of employees across multiple countries. Our CEO is a dad, husband and total bookworm, geeking out on anything from technology to economics. 

Nikita Drozd, Senior Full Stack Engineer
Nikita is a senior full stack developer with experience that transcends industries and applications. Although he leads engineering and technology at Janover Ventures, his role is fluid, wearing many hats as he oversees and guides the entirety of the Janover Ventures software ecosystem. 

Steve Schwartz, Director of Growth
Steve Schwartz is the Director of Growth at Janover Ventures. He brings nearly 20 years of Internet marketing and entrepreneurial experience to the table. Over the years, Schwartz has quietly generated millions of leads across numerous industries and stacked a broad set of skills from automation optimization through web development that have accumulated throughout a diverse career filled with successes and failures. Steve is a father of 2, and like many others at Janover Ventures, he enjoys reading books and personal development.

Brandon Ramineh, Director of Capital Markets
As the Director of Capital Markets, Brandon currently oversees all origination and underwriting across a platform that generates hundreds of millions of dollars of loan applications per month. Mr. Ramineh is the in-house expert on Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and HUD multifamily financing.

Victoria Griesdoorn PhD, Operations Manager
Victoria Griesdoorn is the Special Operations Manager at Janover Ventures. She’s a Jill of All Trades leveraging her long and meandering career path to where she is today.Some of her endeavours have included working as a multi-team lead for a global Fortune 100 company with a Ph.D. in Medicine to boot. 

Taylor Fiscus, Operations Manager
Taylor Fiscus is our Operations & HR Manager. She’s most recently stood up operations and human resources for several start-ups and previously served as the associate director of White House personnel, the deputy White House liaison to the US EPA, and a regional operations director at a Presidential campaign headquarters and for the national convention committee. She has an MSc, Exon in social and organizational psychology.

Matthew Sloley, Head of Content
Matthew is our Director of Content, leveraging a lifetime of writing experience combined with his intimate knowledge of SEO. Matthew carefully curates the educational content that we share across our websites and newsletters driving traffic, engagement, and delivering value that transcends industries.

Yevhenii Ometsynksyi, Senior UX/UI Designer
Yevhenii is our Senior UX Designer. With years of experience leading teams and executing design functions in multiple capacities, Yevhenii delivers yummy excellence in all of his artistic endeavours from UX/UI optimization to oil paintings and garden curation. His eye for design as it interacts with experience is nothing short of brilliant. 

Joey Alexander, Jr. Capital Markets Associate
Joey has been a part of the Janover Ventures capital markets team for just over a year. Hehandles many client-facing activities from providing potential borrowers with the guidance and knowledge they require to obtain the financing they need, through financial analysis and capital markets deal construction. 

Joe Nolan, Director of Small Business Finance
With 10 years of experience in retail banking, REIT fundraising, SBA lending, and Non-bank lending, Joe is a high-achieving, motivated sales leader with demonstrated success in growing profitability in a wide range of financial environments. Joe has been a leader of bank branch loan production and investment sales and has even run a nationwide team of business development officers and originators in the SMB lending space. Appropriately, he runs our small business lending relationships as our Director of Small Business Financing.

Stevan Popov, Product Manager
Stevan is a Project Manager at Janover Ventures. He has proven experience in delivering web applications mainly focused on reporting, business intelligence, and Rest APIs. He is experienced in database design and data modeling as well as distributed data storage including NoSQL and BigData technologies.

Parminder Singh, Growth Engineer
Parminder is one of the Growth Engineers at Janover Ventures. He is a seasoned digital marketer with over 10 years of experience in Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, conversion rate optimization (CRO), Linkedin Ads, and more. "Parm" is responsible for the day-to-day management of paid digital marketing campaigns. He has a strong track record of launching successful marketing campaigns and always jumps on the opportunity to grow and improve. When he’s not optimizing marketing campaigns, he’s reading books or spending time with his family.

Seva Sozanskyi, Senior Full Stack Web Developer
Seva is a Senior Full Stack Developer at Janover Ventures and an integral part of our family. As a former owner of a digital production agency, Seva brings 7 years of web and mobile development experience to the table, having worked with fintechs, startups, and enterprise projects of various sizes and tenures. 

Gustavo Lemos, Jr. Data Engineer
Gustavo is a Jr. Data Scientist. He started as an intern at Janover Ventures and has moved his way up with a methodical and creative approach to exploring and interpreting data across complex sources. Outside of JV, Gustavo is in his last semester of college and aims to pursue a Master's in Data Science starting this year.

Luis Camacho, Growth Engineer
Luis Camacho is a Growth Engineer at Janover Ventures. With years of advertising experience under his belt, Luis helps the team think outside of the box. Luis loves Monster energy drinks, working out and reading. 

Alexander Burtsev, Quality Assurance Engineer
Alexander is our Senior QA Engineer focused on teasing bugs out of smooth processes and visual environments and defining them, helping our engineering team build solutions quickly and effectively. 

Deal Notes

Class A Shares

Per Per Share: $1.00

Amount Raised : $301,854
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