Exovolar Industries

Exovolar Industries

Fly Like Superheroes

We are developing a hands-free personal air mobility system allowing human intelligence, dexterity, and decision-making to be airborne.

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Common Stock
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Union City, NJ
Offering Date
September 17, 2021
Expected Close Date
March 17, 2022
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Guanhao Wu, CEO | Founder | Lead Mechanical Engineer
B.E & M.E. in Mechanical Engr., Stevens Institute of Technology.
Prior to founding Exovolar, he played a central role in developing a wearable sensor technology proposed by US Special Operations Command. His academic focus was robotics and controls and he has become the inventor behind two US patents since his graduation in 2019.

Ton Duong, President | Co-Founder | Technical Consultant
PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engr., Stevens Institute of Technology.
Ton joined Exovolar as a co-founder in 2020. He is currently working on his PhD in wearable sensors for gait analysis and robotics applications. In his work, he is the first author of various IEEE publications and the co-inventor of two US patents.

Andrea Giannini, CTO | Co-Founder
Bachelor Master EECS, worked at CERN, ETH
Before joining Exovolar, he was the lead digital hardware design engineer at Fathom Computing, developing Domain Specific Architectures for machine learning applications, integrating optics with digital designs.

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Key Deal Facts

Personal air mobility is becoming more prevalent in both the military and entertainment in recent years. In fact, there are existing interests from militaries of many nations when it comes to personal air mobility systems - meaning there is a big market for us to fill.
Current personal air mobility systems require at least one hand to fly, we aim for hands-free flight to allow for additional utility and safety.
There are subsequent opportunities for a lightweight and cost effective lift device in industries where humans need to perform work in hard-to-access aerial worksites. The manned-unmanned teaming of routine inspection with humans flying up to perform complex work, is our vision of how the technology can be disruptive for aerial work.