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Preferred Stock
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October 12, 2021
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April 11, 2022
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Company Description

At ThinOptics, we invented the “glasses on your phone” category in the market. By creating light, thin, durable glasses, we strive to create long-standing relationships between our products and customers. In short: We’re Always With You.

Key Deal Facts

Sold in over 125 countries at a price point starting at 20 USD, we're disrupting the 4 billion dollar US eyewear industry, and even broader international industry, with quality, style and convenience. Our ultra-thin reading glasses can go viral simply by their usage.
As a cherished brand with new products protected by a strong patent portfolio, we have significant growth opportunities. Plus, we are a revenue stage company with proven product-market fit.
We have a passionate team comprised of grit and vision. Our engineering team continues to develop new innovations to deliver powerful vision solutions to our customers.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Gadi Ponte
CEO and CoFounder
Over 30 years of executive experience in innovation, product management. A vast experience in operations, manufacturing, and supply chain within the high technology and diverse traditional industries. Gadi served in senior executive positions at SanDisk & EyeFi, with extensive experience working in China, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. In the last seven years, Gadi was part of ThinOptics leadership from inception. Gadi built the scalable WW operations and the engineering of ThinOptics to make flawless shipments to DTC to 125 countries. Gadi created the WW brick and mortar distribution in UK, AU, Canada, and Mexico.

Teddy Shalon
Board of Directors Chair
Mr. Shalon has over forty years of experience as an accomplished entrepreneur, focusing on multidisciplinary ventures. During this time, he has applied his broad technical background, spanning, material science, electronics, software, optics, pharmaceutical development, and clinical science, in formation of multiple startups. Teddy is also experienced in management, marketing and finance. He applied these skills, assembling and leading several product teams into fully integrated companies.

Fred Mayerson
Board Member
Frederic Mayerson is the Founder, Chairman and Managing General Partner of Maywic Select Investments, a venture firm focusing on growth companies and the Founder and Principal of The Frederic H. Mayerson Group, a diversified investment firm.
For the last 35 years, Mr. Mayerson has been involved in ventures focusing on consumer goods, communications, restaurants, toys and juvenile products, outsourcing, and corporate services. Throughout his career he has served on a number of Boards, public and private – including Peloton, Chi-Chi Mexican Restaurants, Build-a-Bear Workshop, ITC Telecom (sold to NYSE: Williams Group), Cap Toys (sold to NASDAQ: Hasbro), and others.
Amount Raised : $363,393
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