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Green Hydrogen Rocket Launch

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February 10, 2023
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April 11, 2023
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Company Description

Prime Lightworks is developing green hydrogen (H2) rocket engines for satellite launch vehicles that are fully reusable with zero carbon emissions. Our vision is to enable sustainable space travel with green H2 fuel for a circular clean aerospace economy.

Key Deal Facts

Extraordinary potential of clean spaceflight: We believe our integrated H2 propulsion technology is at the nexus of two burgeoning industries (aerospace and renewable energy) with global applications well beyond the $5.7B annual satellite launch industry.*

Commitment to Earth and our environment: The satellite industry is growing rapidly, and we must address the resulting pollution. In our view, fully reusable launch vehicles using green H2 fuel could eliminate emissions and waste from satellite launches.

Proven aerospace industry experience: Founded by former SpaceX engineers, Prime Lightworks has already raised $2.9M+ in seed funding from Y Combinator, Angel Investors, and StartEngine, and now we are ready for more.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Kyle Bernard Flanagan CEO, President, CFO/Treasurer, Secretary, Sole DirectorYears of Experience: 10 (Previous: SpaceX)
Education: B.A. in Physics, Harvard University (2013)
Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2020 in Science
Kyle Flanagan worked as Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) & Survivability Engineer at SpaceX from 2013 to 2015. During that time, his responsibilities included power systems compatibility, grounding bonding shielding, and lightning/welding/ESD control programs for Falcon rocket and Dragon spacecraft. His prior research includes an internship with Harvard University for CERN ATRAP Antihydrogen Research and a fellowship with CalTech for NASA JPL Frequency & Timing Advanced Instrument Development Group. Full-time responsibilities include program management, science and engineering design, and business operations., Mikhail JacksonOperations Director, Software DeveloperYears of Experience: 5 (Current: DOD Portsmouth Naval Shipyard)
Education: B.S. in Earth Sciences Geology, University of New Hampshire (2017)
Mikhail Jackson has worked as Nuclear Radiation Safety Technician for the Department of Defense (DOD) at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard since 2018. His responsibilities during that time have grown to include spearheading innovation initiatives for technology integration to streamline workflow efficiency. “I love new exciting ideas, seeing them take shape and develop, and how they are fostered by Prime Lightworks. I also love raising a family, being a coach, shredding a snowboard, and playing music. My new infatuation is New England permaculture gardening methods.” Consulting responsibilities include operations management, test software development, and investor relations.
Simon JamesCreative DirectorYears of Experience: 8 (Previous: Plixer, :GHDESIGNCO; Current: GoodBoy Design)
Education: B.S. in Business Administration, Management & Marketing, University of Maine (2011)
Maine Top Scholar
In 2015, Simon James served as an Account Executive at Plixer International where he developed strategic marketing campaigns and managed a business development team for international enterprise sales. During that time, he was responsible for creating the most successful email campaign in the company's 10-year history (highest impression rate) and closed deals with several of North America's top universities and Fortune 500 companies. In 2018, he served as a design apprentice to legendary designer Glen Halliday of Kids Crooked House and :GHDESIGNCO where he was responsible for brand/logo design and web development for US clients. In 2020, he founded GoodBoy Design, a graphic design and marketing firm. In 2023, he joined the Prime Lightworks consulting team to provide creative direction for branding design and brand messaging.
Amount Raised : $21,173
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