iatrixAir, Inc.

iatrixAir® automates indoor air quality in commercial and public restrooms through our patent pending cellular based air sensor gateway and exchanger that detects, removes, and destroys airborne pathogens faster than industry standards.

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Common Stock
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Temecula, CA
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May 12, 2022
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March 29, 2024
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Company Description

iatrixAir® provides automated indoor air quality solutions to meet the requirements of the recently announced Indoor Air Quality Building Challenge. We recruit and train manufacturers, representatives, and installers to sell and install our solution to Facilities Managers and Commercial/Public building operators. Our initial markets are restrooms and sports locker rooms.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Marc McConnaughey
Marc is a serial entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience in high volume photonic based products, 4 startups and over $110M raised. His claim to fame is with the ViewSonic team which grew from $50M to $1.4B in revenue in eight years with his technology leadership. His passion is taking technology from its roots into useful products. Marc has had assignments in Europe, Taiwan, China, and Thailand in various roles from technical to business roles.

Steve Hutchcraft
SVP Strategic Development

Steve is an experienced business leader with 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry with executive roles at Carrier and Amana. Steve brings product management, marketing, sales, and strategic development from his roles in the HVAC industry and has devised the business model for iatrixAir and Steve is also a Director of the Alliance of CEOs in Silicon Valley.

Henry Artime
Chief Marketing Officer

Henry is iatrixAir’s CMO and founder/owner of Artime, a Los Angeles based digital marketing firm. Henry has 30+ years of branding and marketing B2B experience and brings to iatrixAir his many years of building brands.

Bryan Chang
Vice President Hardware Engineering/R&D
Bryan is iatrixAir’s VP of Hardware Engineering based in Taiwan. Bryan brings 25 years of experience in the photonics technologies and has worked with Marc in 3 startups. Based in Taipei, Bryan has a broad understanding of electronics supply chain in Asia and is key in iatrixAir's product execution.

Ralph Lloyd
Vice President Advanced Technologies 
Ralph is iatrixAir’s VP of Advanced Technologies and brings 32 years of experience in material science, polymer processing,and chemical engineering. His work most recently includes disinfecting occupied spaces both air and surfaces. Ralph has 18 issued patents.

Warren Lynn
Warren is the founder/CEO of American Air and Water, a South Carolina based company addressing the needs of water and air disinfection for 20 years of municipalities, state, and federal government facilities.

Jerry Shi
Angel Investor
Jerry is an iatrixAir angel investor and technical/business advisor. Jerry brings to iatrixAir a wealth of experience in business formation, funding strategies and supply chain issues. Most recently Jerry was Director of Tsinghua Innovation Center in Dongguan, China.

Scott Nelson
Medtech Executive
Scott is an experienced Medtech executive with 12+ years of commercialization experience in the medical and therapy devices. He led the marketing for a business unit of a major biotech company. Scott is a co-founder/CEO of Fastwave Medical, a portfolio company of Big Sky Biomedical, a medtech accelerator.

Daniel Price
IOT Strategies 
Daniel is an experienced voice on the internet of things-IOT and has given TEDX talks on the subject. A UC Berkeley graduate in Bioengineering and a Rhodes Scholar with Masters and MBA from Oxford, Daniel is CEO of Ioterra, a IOT marketplace that helps companies successfully launch IoT initiatives at scale: de-risk development, accelerate innovation timelines, simplify the deployment process, and incorporate the best technology available
Amount Raised : $27,640
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