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Common Stock
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Offering Date
June 15, 2022
Expected Close Date
August 12, 2022
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Company Description

Bringing the Home Grow Revolution to the masses! Green Goddess Supply empowers anyone to grow their own clean, organic, top-shelf flower at home, quickly, easily, discreetly, and inexpensively. Green Goddess Supply’s team has over 30 years of success in private and public company leadership, new product development, and creating and monetizing new market niches. The crown jewel in its product line is the patented, award-winning home grow system, The Armoire.


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$285+ Investment
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$500+ Investment
Tier 1
Tier I: Invest $500 receive 1% bonus shares

$1,000+ Investment
Tier II
Tier II: Invest $1000 receive 2% bonus shares and 10% discount coupon to our online store (reusable up to a year)

$2,500+ Investment
Tier III
Tier III: Invest $2500 receive 3% bonus shares and 10% discount coupon to our online store (reusable up to a year)

$5,000+ Investment
Tier IV
Tier IV: Invest $5000 receive 4% bonus shares and 15% discount coupon to our online store (reusable up to a year); acrylic investor tombstone

$10,000+ Investment
Tier V
Tier V: Invest $10,000 receive 5% bonus shares and 15% discount coupon to our online store; acrylic investor tombstone

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Kyle Hamilton

Concierge Support Manager

Mr Hamilton has vast experience working in all facets of the cannabis industry, from growing through to sales and more. Mr Hamilton has worked at medical cannabis dispensaries, consumer goods companies, horticultural light design, education training for businesses on cannabis, building customer service teams, hydroponic and gardening stores. 
Has over 19 years worth of experience in sales, hospitality, and customer service for a variety of businesses that have outstanding reputations in quality of service and treating customers as guests. Mr Hamilton leads our Concierge Service group, helping customers with hands-on grow advice. 

Abigail Munford

Project Manager

Ms Munford has worked with CEO Eric Robichaud for over 8 years, dating back to her role as Project Manager in his Digital Marketing Agency. When Eric Robichaud sold the digital marketing agency to focus on Green Goddess Supply, she joined him in the effort. 
Ms Munford is involved in many key aspects of daily business operation including overseeing e-commerce order fulfillment, inventory control, and general office management and project management.
Amount Raised : $77,047
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