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Beyond video: A drone for robotic tasks.

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June 01, 2022
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November 28, 2022
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Company Description

Pitch Aeronautics has developed and built a prototype drone, "Astria" which is currently undergoing flight testing. Astria is a new type of drone that can perform up-close, touch, and robotic tasks (not just video or remote sensing). The company has also developed initial sensor payload prototypes for use on the drone platform and leverages a patented cyclorotor for precision positioning, and a patent-pending configuration to mount a 5-10lb payload on an interchangeable payload arm. This aerial platform can replace expensive rope, crane, and helicopter access inspections, which are among the most dangerous jobs in America. Leveraging interchangeable payloads, Astria will measure cracks, detect subsurface defects, install parts, repair equipment, and keep inspectors safely on the ground.

Pitch Aeronautics was founded by Air Force veterans with experience in unmanned aerial systems, professional flying, organizational leadership, flight testing, cyber security, and advanced technology development. They have accomplished $3-4M of engineering development, assembled a motivated team, and prepared a series of testing partnerships, all with $20k of funding and a $300k grant.


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Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Mansi Bakori

Flight Controls Engineer

Mansi is a flight controls engineer. Put simply, she makes a computer the best pilot in the world. On our team, she has been engineering, designing, and implementing our control systems, giving Astria the ability to fly with precision. Mansi graduated with a M.S. from Embry Riddle University in Unmanned and Autonomous Systems Engineering. Mansi's experimental thesis research was on fault-tolerant flight control systems allowing drones to continue flying in event of a mechanical failure. 

Alex Peterson

Mechanical Engineer

Alex started with Pitch as an Undergraduate Intern at Boise State University. As an intern he designed and built the active thermography sensor hardware and led development of a crack width measurment sensor. Alex is currently a graduate student in the robot controls laboratory where his graduate research is focusing on sensor fusion to provide Astria with more precise navigation when near infrastructure and other objects. Alex continues to work at Pitch Aero in paralllel to his graduate studies.

Hugh Sheldon

Mechanical Engineer

Hugh is completing his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering at Boise State University. He is the president of the Aerospace Club at Boise State where he led avionics and power system desgin for a solar-powered UAV, as well as designed and built several other unique drones. As a mechanical engineering intern Hugh helped design the drone wiring harness, hardware, and facilitated laboratory and flight testing of Astria.

John Chiasson

Technical Advisor - Controls Engineering

Following completion of his doctorate in Controls Engineering at University of Minnesota, Professor Chiasson worked at Boeing Aerospace, Bombardier, and Honeywell as a controls engineer. In 2006 he became a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Boise State University where his research focuses on controls and machine learning. He has written three textbooks on systems modeling, controls, control of electrical machines, and stochastic processes. Professor Chiasson has assisted and guided design of the flight control system on Astria.

Yang Lu

Technical Advisor - Concrete Inspection

Professor Lu obtained his doctorate from Virginia Tech in Civil Engineering in 2010 before serving as a post-doctorate researcher at the Natioanl Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg Maryland. In 2013 he became a professor of Civil Engineering at Boise State University. Prof Lu's research has concentrated on modeling and characterization of concrete, pavement, and other Infrastructure materials. Pitch Aeronautics partnered with Prof Lu on an Idaho IGEM grant in 2020. Prof Lu's research on Active Thermography for concrete informed the design of Astria's Active Thermography sensor payload.

Julianna Buzzard

Mechanical Engineer

Julianna is completing her undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Boise State University (BSU). She is president of the BSU Mechanical Engineering Club where she has led the team to their first ever win at the ASME international competition for the innovation of human powered vehicles. She's an active member of the Society of Women engineers and fluent in American sign language. As an intern Julianna is helping to improve the drone power system, and structures on the drone.
Amount Raised : $289,196
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