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Ontario, CA
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September 29, 2022
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At Voice Lessons, we believe we are one of the top companies leading the way in providing the best technology available for vocal training online. Our VocaLoop® Technology provides high-quality audio and video streaming, library functions and custom-made vocal accompaniment for any vocal exercise, all without audio lag. We currently have our 1-on-1 private lessons system available on the market, and have spent years in research, development, and market testing, gearing us up to launch our consumer go-to-market strategy. Over the past several years we solved the technology conundrum, known as internet audio lag, that erodes the effectiveness of online vocal instruction. Audio lag is the disparity between multiple sound inputs arriving at their destination at different times. In a vocal or musical situation, this would result in the sounds of an instrument, such as a piano, never being in rhythm with the vocal sounds of the singer. Internet audio lag limits the instructors ability to provide effective education to the vocal student, rendering many online vocal meeting platforms professionally undesirable. Our patented VocaLoop® Technology provides custom-made vocal accompaniment for any vocal exercise, without the internet audio lag.


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Invest $500+ and receive access to a private idea portal

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Invest $1,000+ and receive access to our digital course How The Voice Works*

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Invest $2,500+ and receive access to our digital courses How The Voice Works* and Singing With Style*

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Invest $5,000+ and receive a 4 pack of lessons valued at $500 ($125/hr per lesson)

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Invest $10,000+ and receive Private 1-on-1 Time with CEO

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