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Proactive Cybersecurity: Building the Future of Data Protection

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November 02, 2022
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Introspective Networks has developed a revolutionary, patented cybersecurity defense that is validated to remove all known network vulnerabilities for comprehensive, proactive privacy protection. Rather than trying to stop cybersecurity problems as they happen, our technology removes the opportunity for problems completely. We are several years into the development of SmokeNet, our in-market flagship product line, and we are currently marketing the second major version of the underlying technology.


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Key Deal Facts

Our innovative One-Time-Pad encryption is not breakable, even in theory, with zero known vulnerabilities.

The May 2021 presidential executive order that pivoted the government from cybersecurity offense to defense, put us on the forefront of that change using our proactive defense approach to cybersecurity.

In addition to SmokeNet, our multi-patented flagship product, we have a number of new, patented products on their way to the market soon.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Jack Jackson

CFO (part-time)

Jack has an MBA from the University of Minnesota and comes from the Medical Device Industry where he spent 23 years with Medtronic, the world’s largest medical device manufacturer. He held numerous finance roles in Corporate, Business Unit, and International finance roles, as well as Business Development. Jack worked in Minneapolis, MN: Lausanne, Switzerland; and Denver, CO, working cross-functionally with R&D, Manufacturing, Sales, and Marketing.  
Prior to working with Introspective Power, Inc., Jack was the Sr. Finance Director for the Neurosurgery Business supporting the VP / General Manager. The business addresses unmet medical needs in cranial and spine surgery. The Neurosurgery Business grew its revenue of $200M in 2008 to over $1.3B in 2019 via organic growth (exceeding 10%), adding Medtronic businesses, and via acquisition. The business also increased profitability from ‘breakeven’ up to 40% of revenue over this same period of time.
Jack works approximately 10 hours per week in his role with Introspective Power, Inc. while also serving as CFO Advisor for Level10 CFO full-time. 

USAF Brigadier General Ian Dickinson (ret)

Board Member

General Dickinson has a unique perspective on the criticality of the technology from Introspective Networks. His USAF bio states:
"He (was) responsible for organizing, training, and equipping the Air Force's space and cyber forces with communications and information capability, enabling 14th and 24th Air Forces to support U.S. Strategic Command and U.S. Cyber Command. General Dickinson also act(ed) on behalf of the Commander, Air Force Space Command, as the Air Force's Designated Approval Authority for systems connecting to the Air Force network and for the AFSPC's $11.4 billion space and cyberspace mission system portfolio.”
With an earned post-graduate degree in Computer Science, General Dickinson understands the validity of STOP/SmokeNet Technology. Ian is also well schooled in government policy providing the background to help Introspective Networks navigate getting this approved for use by the US Government. General Dickinson currently is the COO of BryceTech, an analytics and engineering firm, based in Alexandria, VA.
General Dickinson works approximately 60 hours per quarter in his role of Board Director for Introspective Power, Inc. dba Introspective Networks and continues to serve as COO for BryceTech full-time.
Full USAF Bio:

Tricia Heller, JD

Board Member

Tricia Heller joined the board of Introspective Power, Inc. to help navigate Intellectual Property matters, Regulatory Compliance issues, and relationships at the Federal US government level, including the DoD. She has been a senior advisor to a US Senator and has a solid understanding of how U.S. Government agencies, as well as the Colorado state government, work. Tricia's compliance and legal focus will assist the company in navigating federal entities like the NSA and NIST to allow the proper protection and rollout of IPi technology to the US at large.
Ms. Heller works approximately 60 hours per quarter in her role as Board Director for Introspective Power, Inc. and continues to serve as IP & Regulatory Compliance Director for Magpul Industries Corp. full-time.
Amount Raised : $39,763
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