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September 11, 2022
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December 07, 2022
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Verispellis is a high-tech, active ski and snowboard platform that allows the user to “tune” ski performance based on weather and snow conditions and performance objectives. We believe we are creating one of the first major technology innovations since parabolic skis and deeper side-cuts in the 90s. With three patents, a fourth patent underway, and a 4th generation prototype, we anticipate targeting commercial introduction for the 2022/2023 ski season.


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$500+ Investment
$500+ | 15% off Skis + Merch
15% discount on a pair of Verispellis Skis (when available) + 1 Verispellis Ski Hat

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$1,000+ | 20% off Skis + Merch
20% discount on a pair of Verispellis Skis (when available) + 2 Verispellis Ski Hats + 6 Verispellis Gaiters

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$2,500+ | Bonus Shares + 30% off Skis
3% Bonus Shares + 30% discount on a pair of Verispellis Skis (when available) + 2 Verispellis Ski Hats + 6 Verispellis Gaiters

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$10,000+ | 10% Bonus Shares + Skis
10% Bonus Shares + 1 free pair of Verispellis Skis (when available) + 2 Verispellis Ski Hats + 6 Verispellis Gaiters

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$25,000+ Investment
$25,000+ | Ski with an Olympian
15% Bonus Shares + Ski with Alpine Olympic Skier Arman Serebraian + 1 free pair of Verispellis Skis signed by Arman & Founding Team (when available) + 2 Verispellis Ski Hats + 6 Verispellis Gaiters

Key Deal Facts

We have created one of the first pairs of skis / snowboards instrumented with digital, electronics & metallurgical technology to change physical performance characteristics on demand.

The global ski gear and equipment market was valued at around $1.22 billion U.S. dollars in 2018, and was forecast to reach about $1.74 billion U.S. dollars by 2028 (source).

Led by an experienced team with previous exits and deep industry knowledge.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Ara Nazarian

President, Co-Founder & Director

A biomedical scientist by training, I am an avid skier and an innovator. This company is the interestion of these two worlds, where I was able to innovate in the snow sports space bases on my scientific and research background. i am excited about the opportuity that this company presents and the new avenues that it will open up for snow sports enthusiasts of all levels.

Edward Rodriguez

CoFounder, Treasurer & Director

I am an orthopaedic trauma surgeon and a biomedical engineer by training. I have been collaborating with Ara professionally for over 3 decades, and this project is an example of our collaborations that has spilled out of our work and into something that we both like, skiing. I believe that we are on the cusp of introducing cutting edge technology into the world of snow sports to make the sport even more enjoyable and safer for all.

Kevork Hamparian

Product Engineer

Kevork is the company's lead engineer working on product design and testing.

Arman Serebrakian

Product Advisor

An Olympic Alpine skier, Aram has been an advisor with the company since our earliest days. He has been instrumental in testing of our skis and providing expert insight. 

Tim Petrick

Product and Industry Advisor

Tim Petrick has had a pretty epic ski career. From ski instruction, to the PSIA Demo Team, to Powder Magazine, to Aspen, to K2, to Booth Creek, to K2, to Rossignol, to K2, to Silverton…… You get the idea, Tim has done it all and most of it, at the corporate executive level. He provides key insight and advice to the company on both product stand industry sides.

Per suneby

Business Development Advisor

A seasoned tech industry executive, Per has served in many C level and other management roles in the Greater Boston startup scene, He is a strategic thinker and a great resource for advice on business development.
Amount Raised : $56,554
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