LIFT Aircraft

We develop drones capable of human flight.

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Common Stock
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October 04, 2022
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January 01, 2025
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Company Description

We are creating a future where anyone can fly… and that future is starting now. Personal flight has historically only been available to a privileged few with the time and money to fly traditional aircraft. At LIFT, we’ve created a “drone for people” that anyone can pilot - making the joy and utility of zero-emissions, personal, vertical flight accessible to all.


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Key Deal Facts

Leading the urban air mobility revolution.  After 4 years of development, 1,000+ test flights, and over $18M in funding, our electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, HEXA, is approved to fly under FAA Part 103 - costly FAA certification is not required. In a market estimated to reach $1 trillion by 2040, HEXA is one of the first eVTOL aircraft to enter production.

Massive customer demand. Our upcoming sold-out nationwide tour has 4,000 prepaid flight reservations and an additional 11,000 waitlist requests, demonstrating tremendous consumer demand to fly HEXA. Partners have signed pre-order non-binding LOIs for over 100 aircraft.* The United States Air Force (USAF) has begun flight testing of HEXA under a Phase III SBIR contract (separate from the STRATFI R&D contract) as LIFT works towards becoming a US Department of Defense acquisition program of record.

One of the world’s first vertiport networks. LIFT has received FAA approval to launch one of the first eVTOL vertiports in the world, where anyone will be able to fly HEXA with less than an hour of training - no pilot’s license required. While others seek certification for more complex eVTOL designs, LIFT plans to launch in up to 28 markets by 2025, building what we believe would be the largest global network of vertiports.

Your investment may be matched dollar-for-dollar by US Air Force R&D Funding.** LIFT Aircraft has been officially selected for a contract under the Air Force’s STRATFI (Strategic Financing aka ‘Big Bet’) program for a proposed $26M-$44M of R&D funding to advance HEXA’s capabilities for military use. The proposed contract requires that LIFT raise up to $30M of additional outside funding (of which LIFT has already raised $12M of eligible funds), meaning that our equity investors may have their investment matched dollar-for-dollar with non-dilutive government funding if this funding goal is reached and the contract is formally awarded to LIFT.
Amount Raised : $166,124
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