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Ruka is on a mission to create the definitive hair brand for black women globally, by building an ecosystem of hair solutions which are ethical, safe and award winning. They started with real hair extensions and are now raising to fuel growth, reach and seek to add game-changing synthetic hair to their portfolio.

United Kingdom
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Company Description

Over 65% of the world's consumer population has textured hair, women with textured hair spend 78% more on hair products than women with straight hair and Black women in particular spend 13x more on hair extensions. Yet, a combination of poor education and harmful chemicals within textured hair care and extension products contributes to almost 1 out of every 3 African women globally facing a hair loss problem. We launched to challenge an industry that has relegated this consumer group to a 'back-alley' consumer experience and low quality products. We set out to reform the industry for people with afro and curly hair, by building a safe ecosystem of award-winning hair solutions. Since launching in Jan 2021, we’ve been voted the no.1 afro hair extensions brand by Hair Magazine. Our product-led and community driven approach has led to us to serving over 6000 customers and launching in Selfridges this October. We are currently operating across two industries: 1) Black hair extensions $5.7BN (2020), 14.9% CAGR (2020-2026) 2) Black hair care $8.7BN (2019), 4.7% CAGR (2020-2027) The funds raised will allow us to build a proprietary synthetic hair offering, deepen our ethics and sustainability focus within our supply chain and also lay the groundwork for international expansion.

Key Deal Facts

Investors include VCs backing Charlotte Tilbury and Cult Beauty CEO, Growing customer base x4.6 since January 2022, serving >6000 people with kinks and curls, As seen on Serena Williams, Tems, Gabrielle Union & Dina Asher Smith, Co-creating products with over 130 hair stylists and salon owners
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