Eastern Market Brewing Co

Eastern Market Brewing Co is seeking investment
to level up and cement its position as the hottest brewery in Michigan.

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Food & Bev
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Expected Close Date
January 15, 2023
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Company Description

We just celebrated 5 years. It's been a wild ride. You can get in on the fun.


Eastern Market Brewing Co is offering perks to investors.You earn the most valuable perk available based on your total investment amount in this business. You will not also receive the perks of lesser value, unless specified below.

Invitation to Annual Owners Party

Invest $500 or more to qualify.Unlimited available
We’re going to throw down once a year, every year. Anyone with ownership will be invited.

Your Very Own Owner’s Mug

Invest $1,875 or more to qualify.
118 of 128 remaining
Invest $1,875 or more and we’ll have a mug just for you waiting at your location of choice.

Lifetime Membership to the Parade

Invest $3,750 or more to qualify.
63 of 64 remaining
Invest $3,750 or more and get auto access to all the perks that come with a membership.

Beer 101 with our Badass Brewers

Invest $7,500 or more to qualify.
31 of 32 remaining
Hit up three of your best buds and we’ll set up a private tour and tasting panel for the crew.

Year of Free Beer, Straight to You

Invest $15,000 or more to qualify.
16 of 16 remaining
Freshies sent your way every month. You just need to live in Michigan to qualify for this one.

Develop a Beer, See it on Store Shelves

Invest $60,000 or more to qualify.
8 of 8 remaining
Have an idea for a beer? We’ll make that dream a reality. From recipe to label to distribution.

Seat on the Board

Invest $120,000 or more to qualify.
2 of 2 remaining
Put your money where your mouth is. Join our board and help mold our strategic direction.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Dayne Bartscht
Managing Partner
Management consultant and corporate strategist turned entrepreneur with an MBA from the University of Cambridge.

Anna Bluj
People Director
Certified HR professional for more than 14 years with an MBA concentrating in human resource management.

Pauline Knighton
VP of Sales & Marketing
Sales and marketing savant with a decade of beer experience, previously leading Short’s Brewing to more than 40k barrels.

Jesse Forrester
Finance Director
Registered CPA with a Master of Science in Accounting, decade of finance experience, and an avid home brewer.

Michael Kelly
Brewing Director
Decade of brewing experience, working his way from home brewer to now running production across three breweries.

Michael Lauziere
Experience Director
10 years of hospitality operations experience primarily at well-regarded breweries with a focus on optimizing experiences.
Amount Raised : $1,235,000
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