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Affordable Home Construction

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December 08, 2022
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September 21, 2023
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Company Description

Von Perry is a digital construction company & construction automation startup, disrupting the construction industry through technology and architecture. With our proprietary products and project delivery software, Von Perry is consolidating 3D printing construction processes and providing an optimized start-to-finish approach. The team is currently in-market with multiple projects based in Texas, and looking to scale to more locations in the near future.

Key Deal Facts

When compared to traditional home building costs, Von Perry’s construction processes result in a cost reduction on average between 20-30% due to our speed, accuracy, and efficiency with labor & materials. We've seen huge interest from prospective buyers as a result, so much so that we're fully booked for 2022 and well into 2023.

As pioneers within the emerging sector that is 3D printing construction, Von Perry is poised to address a global market that is forecasted to reach $4.9B in revenue in 2030. Additionally, because the brand’s target customers are first-time homeowners and small developers, there is even more potential to serve the multibillion dollar residential construction market.*

3D concrete printing (3DCP) is a new technology within the construction industry and the number of companies implementing this method is currently very limited. As one of the first to refine the process, Von Perry is quickly establishing brand recognition within the industry as more than just a 3D printing company, but as an integrated design and development operation. As one of the pioneering companies, we believe Von Perry has a first mover advantage in the industry.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Treyvon PerryCEOCEO and Founder of Von Perry a 3D printing home company. Your ideas and dreams can become reality with our team!
Sebin JosephCTOAt Von Perry I am using my Systems Thinking and vast knowledge in Engineering and socioeconomics to position the company for industry 4.0. Currently we are integrating automated construction techniques with innovative designing and modeling, soon that knowledge and experience will transform into more efficient and creative automated systems. Modern civilization spends most of its time inside a building or inside a vehicle, to increase the efficiency of the civilization Von Perry wants create efficient surroundings we will be spending our time in. I operate with a mindset; "Change will come whether you like it or not what you gonna do about it?",
Amount Raised : $101,196
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