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One Perfect, Inc. is a psychologist-led mental wellness technology company using mental health research, user data and proprietary data sets to help shift our users into a better state of mind on demand. Our apps and tech platform personalize our "Shifts" to allow our users to change their mindsets quickly, revolutionizing the approach of mental health. We aim to transform mental health care by empowering everyone to shift into a better state of mind whenever they need to.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Dr. Sean SullivanChief Executive Officer & DirectorHello! I’m Sean.  I invite you to take a long, deep breath with me. – – –  Relax your shoulders. – – –  Allow your arms to fall toward the ground. – – –  Nice mini-Shift! Before presenting my professional background (below) I want to share why I believe in Shift Therapy® – especially today.  During my years as a psychologist, I came to see learning how to shift your state of mind strategically as building beautiful inner world pathways to a peaceful, creative, connected life.  In Shift Therapy®, I see a future where everyone can connect to someone they can trust to shift into feeling better together anytime. Realizing that vision will reduce our suffering enormously and raise us up collectively. I believe Shift Therapy® will have a wide-reaching positive impact on the mental health and loneliness crisis we’re all being touched by now. That’s why I’m personally inviting you to help us scale Shift Therapy®. Let’s Shift the world together. Sean Dr. Sean Sullivan is a licensed clinical psychologist and founder and CEO of OnePerfect, an enterprise mental health and wellness platform that delivers personalized mindset ’shifting’ experiences called Shifts. Sean leads a fiercely caring design, technology, and psychology team located around the world and sharing a common goal — to teach everyone how to shift into a better state of mind, any time. Dr. Sullivan began his formal psychology education at Harvard University. He interned at the Center for Mindfulness and Science at the University of Massachusetts Medical School prior to completing a psychology residency at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center, and postdoctoral training based at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).  Since then, Dr. Sullivan has maintained a psychology and mental health technology research practice in San Francisco. His clinical research has focused on applying technology to improve mental health — particularly by teaching anyone how to shift their state of mind on demand.  As a psychotherapist for over twenty years, Dr. Sullivan has also written popular psychology books and articles and created digital mental health, wellness, and peak performance psychology courses, apps, tools, and a psychology stage show. At a Sequoia-funded Virtual Reality (VR) for psychology startup in Palo Alto, CA, Dr. Sullivan directed psychology and developed evidence-based VR treatments. Based on his career-long research and practice teaching people how to strategically shift their state of mind in a few minutes (i.e., ‘shifting’), Dr. Sullivan developed Shift Therapy® – to guide anyone through shifting into a better state of mind, anytime.  You can Shift at anytime., Maxim MamoycoChief Technology Officer (part-time)Maxim Mamoyco is a software engineer who founded Nozomi Health software development. He holds a computer science degree from Belarusian National Technical University and has partnered with over 20 digital health companies to help them build life-changing digital health products.  Max has focused on helping digital health organizations build products focused on the emotional experience of patients and has extensive expertise in UX research and design. He has been empowering the healthcare industry to deliver empathetic and intuitive digital products to payers, providers and partners for over six years and has overseen production and iteration of dozens of digital mental health or wellness products, including incorporating generative technologies into digital products in the mental health space — a core of OnePerfect’s Shift Therapy® product vision. Max believes in revolutionizing the healthcare industry through exceptional UX combined with the synergy of value and positive emotions to enable robust engagement and improved outcomes for patients. He is also passionate about bringing new security standards into how digital products are built by OnePerfect.  Eric WilsonGrowth & Operations AdvisorEric is an experienced startup operator and leader of teams solving challenges at the intersection of operations and technology for nearly 15 years. Prior to OnePerfect, Eric served as COO at Homeward where he led development of the company’s mortgage, title and core real estate operations from seed stage through successful $136M Series B led by Norwest Venture Partners. Before that, Eric co-founded, a digital lender disrupting the mortgage space, where he launched and grew the company’s domestic and international operations to over 1000 team members while guiding the company through its first $2 Billion in loan originations and successful $160M Series C fundraise. Between stints in fintech, Eric founded Bolt Mining, a data center colocation provider focused on eliminating barriers to entry into cryptocurrency mining, where he led the company from initial fundraising through successful exit via acquisition by NASDAQ listed Bit Brother Ltd in late 2022. Eric graduated from Pepperdine University with a BA in Economics and minor in Music. Todd Sullivan, M.B.A. Corporate Strategy & Finance AdvisorTodd is the CEO of Exitwise, which guides founders and business owners through acquisitions. Todd understands the entrepreneurial journey well having founded and sold four previous companies. Todd graduated from Yale University as a 2-time Ice Hockey MVP and was named MBA Entrepreneur of the Year at University of Michigan Ross School of Business.  Nick Allen, FSA, MAAA, FCA Go-To-Market AdvisorNick is the CEO of Blue Raven Actuarial and a healthcare Actuary with over 20 years of experience. Formerly, he was the Lead Actuary for Employee Benefits at USI Insurance Services. Nick is a world-class enterprise data professional. Gary Dunn, Ph.D.Practitioner & Business Development AdvisorDr. Gary Dunn is the recently retired Director of Counseling and Psychological Service at the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC CAPS). Gary oversaw UCSC’s Student Health Services during the pandemic and joined OnePerfect’s official advisory team after ending his work with UCSC to support product development strategy and growth into new educational institutions. Paul Marcille, Ph.D.Practitioner & Business Development AdvisorDr. Marcille is a licensed psychologist with over 35 years of experience working as a therapist, university professor and university administrator. He is the former Vice President and Dean of the American University of Paris and former Professor and Program Director at Palo Alto University. Dr. Marcille is the current president of the Bay Area Psychological Association, the past president of the California Psychological Association and the California Federal Advocacy Coordinator for the American Psychological Association. He serves on the board of several non-profit agencies and volunteers with them.

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