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June 01, 2023
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November 02, 2023
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Taste provides highly personalized, AI-powered movie and TV recommendations to help users navigate the crowded world of streaming content. With over 800K registered users on our mobile and web apps, we are growing rapidly and are in the process of expanding our service to smart TVs.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

John LinCEO & Board DirectorJohn is a data-nerd with over 15 years of experience in analytical and marketing tech. Early in his career, John ran marketing programs for brands including Xbox, Starbucks, Neimen Marcus, and Essentia Water. During that time, he oversaw analytics for CRM programs that combined for +10MM customers. John also consulted for a long list of technology companies including Materialise, Upflex, Pentair, MadeClose, Drawbridge Networks (Acquired by Fortinet), and Cue.
Justin Messina CTO & Board DirectorJustin is a seasoned CTO with 16 years of experience as a full-stack engineer. Earlier in his career as the Head of Technology at Square Tomato, he managed the tech team and designed CRM automation processes for brands such as Starbucks and Corbis. He has also created a wide range of technologies including UGC-ready databases, merchant portals, e-commerce management, and social media platforms., David ShilaneChief Data ScientistDavid Shilane brings 18 years of data science experience to his role at Taste Labs. He has worked on recommendation systems in social media, online dating, and EdTech. He's also a faculty member at Columbia University's Applied Analytics program. He holds degrees from Stanford University and a PhD from UC Berkeley. His role at Taste Labs involves algorithm refinement and data feature development.
Aaron HoffmanHead of Data ProductsAaron Hoffman joined Taste Labs after a stint as EVP, Analytics and Statistics at Solstice Studios. He has experience in TV, media planning, and digital technologies, and was the founding architect of Magid’s EmotionalDNA® product. His role at Taste Labs focuses on B2B business and data product development.
Shari HardisonLicensing & DistributionShari Hardison has 30+ years in entertainment distribution. Past roles include Assistant Head of Sales at STX Entertainment, Head of Domestic Distribution at Solstice Studios, and positions at startups like Relativity Europa, Overture Films, and Focus Features. Her work includes films like Law Abiding Citizen, Traffic, and Lost in Translation. She leads licensing and distribution at Taste Labs.
Bruce FriendData Analytics & SalesBruce Friend is a seasoned data intelligence executive with over 30 years of experience. Most recently, he held dual roles at Screen Engine/ASI as Chief Product and Innovation Officer and Chief Data Monetization Officer. Previously, he boosted revenue at Ipsos OTX MediaCT's Insights practice and held senior positions at Sony, MTV, HBO, and Disney. At Taste Labs, Bruce guides our direction in data analytics and sales.
Kate TaylorPublic RelationsKate Taylor brings 18 years of experience in marketing, events, PR, and brand strategy. She has worked in the FMCG, tech, and entertainment industries in LA and London. She specializes in event management, production, sponsorship, festival-organising, talent management, and PR. Kate heads PR at Taste Labs.
Adam WeissAdvisor - RevenueAdam Weiss, former General Manager & SVP of Rakuten Marketing, brings 20 years of performance marketing experience to Taste Labs. He has been a keynote speaker at various advertising and marketing conferences. He advises Taste Labs on monetization strategy and lead-gen business development.
Ricky SolomonAdvisor - FinancingRicky Solomon, with over 30 years of finance experience, advises Taste Labs on financial strategies and capital acquisition. He works with emerging companies on capital acquisition and allocation and is an active angel investor. He serves on the boards of Aspen Group and Ipsidy Inc.
Amount Raised : $153,646
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