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Offering Date
June 14, 2023
Expected Close Date
November 13, 2023
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Company Description

Inergy has created the future of lightweight, renewable, affordable solar power generator using modular battery technology. Nearly anyone can pick up its portable solar generator and carry it to where power is needed, making it one of the most versatile power generators on the planet. With $14M in revenue earned in the past two years, patented technology, multiple awards won, and contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense and the Department of Energy, it is ready to expand access to plug-and-play solar power.

The company has a very successful product. It sells lightweight portable solar generators that can be easily set up and has provisions for adding as many batteries as required using a stackable design. The company has launched three major iterations - Raptor Pro T3, Flex modular system, Flex tactical and now Flex P3 is about to launch. From personal use generators, the company now plans to move to solar generators for home and small businesses. 

The company shares the market for Energy Storage Systems and Portable Power Stations. The ESS and PSS markets are projected to reach $14.8B and $7.9B respectively by 2025. The market for home energy storage is very competitive with players like Tesla, LG Chem, and Generac. Its competitive advantage lies in the reasonable cost (as low as $3500 against $10k-$20k) and portability of the product. 

The company uses a combination of D2C sales through online platforms and affiliate promoters and influencers and B2B sales through local and regional solar installers, earning a gross margin of 30%-55%. The company plans to have 80%-90% of sales from the D2C channel going forward. 
It has one approved and two pending patents. 

The product has great reviews and has been rated 5 stars on Google Reviews. The company has earned over $14M in 2021 and 2022. Last year's sales amounted to $8.82M. The gross margins were 35% for both years, which is lower than usual as a result of disturbances in the supply chain. The company expects a $6M-$8M in revenue for 2023, projecting very conservatively. Over the past 8 years, the company has successfully been able to pre-sell the products and finance its working capital requirements to operate sustainably. The company has successfully negotiated lines of credit from its suppliers and contract manufacturers in the past and will continue to seek additional sources of inventory capital using lines of credit.

Use of Proceeds

The company plans to use the proceeds for inventory, marketing, R&D, and platform fees.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

StephanieSean Chanpaseut Luangrath,CEO
A recognized international leader, Sean Luangrath has worked at Fortune 100 companies, on multiple continents, and for both early and late-stage startups. He previously was an executive in the China Retail Operations group for Apple and worked extensively in Apple’s global iPhone Sales organization in Silicon Valley. Sean has a BS in International Finance from Brigham Young University and an MBA from UC Berkeley and Columbia University. This is his first startup. He currently works full-time with Inergy and contributes as a board member for two other organizations. 

Bradley Barrott, Founder and Board Member 
Brad Barrott, an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, and business leader, has made significant contributions to solar energy, fiber optics, and internet services. He founded and chairs companies like Big Dog Solar, Inergy Solar, Tru Fiber, and Big Dog TV & Internet, focusing on solar energy, fiber optics, and internet services. His vision for making a positive impact is evident in his award-winning products across North America, Puerto Rico, and Nepal. He is a third-time founder and works an hour per week with inergy. 

The rest of the team is highly skilled and qualified to grow the company. 

Valuation Notes

The company has valued itself at $20.03M pre-money. It previously raised $4M in an SLC Angels leading funding round at $18M post-money valuation. It has also received support and funding from the US Department of Energy and Department of Defense to commercialize microgrid technology and develop military-grade rugged and weather-resistant portable solutions. The company plans to raise a Series A venture capital round in 2023 to fund the completion and launch of its new whole-home battery storage system and to accelerate its international market expansion. With the company’s product traction and growth plans, the valuation seems reasonable.

Amount Raised : $737,112
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