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Influence Board

Charitable giving as a new engine to drive BD!

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Littleton, CO
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April 29, 2024
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Company Description

The influence board is a platform where sales executives can meet some of the most established business leaders by paying a fee that is given to a charity. This helps the sales personnel complete their first big step of getting the meet and on the other hand, helps business leaders fulfill their philanthropy goals.

Influence Board is a very unique concept. It allows the salespeople to meet with over 52,000 business leaders for an hour-long meeting, in return for a donation to the executive’s charity. The idea is very creative and efficient for all the parties involved.

The company has competition with the traditional cold calling/ messaging methods. The company model has numerous advantages over traditional cold calling, the major one being the time reduced to reach the concerned person for pitching. 

The revenue model includes administrative fees (17% per transaction, average transaction size of $425), premium services ($8k-12k/month), and vendor subscription fees ($49-$500/month). The company has secured a strategic partnership with one of the largest sales training companies Sandler. It is in the process of being issued a Process Patent for "Securing Meetings by Donating to Charity". 

The product has strong market adoption, with the number of executives growing from 1,500 in 2022 to over 57,000 to date. Salespeople have seen 20% - 40% meeting acceptance rates which is unheard of for "cold outreach". Vendors are seeing up to 100% positive meeting outcomes. The company reached $60k/month in revenue in May 2023. The company almost has breakeven in operations. It intends to become profitable in 2023.

Key Deal Facts

Secure meetings faster by incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Impact A unique Win/Win/Win for Business Leaders, Salespeople and Charities. Vendors seeing up to 100% positive meeting outcomes! Each dollar invested acts as a force multiplier to generate a new source of funds for charities. Strong market adoption, growing from 1,500 executives on our platform in 2022, to over 57,000 today. Issued a Process Patent for "Securing Meetings by Donating to Charity"! Secured a strategic partnership with one of the largest sales training companies, Sandler. Salespeople see 20% - 40% meeting acceptance rates - unheard of for "cold-outreach"

Use of Proceeds

The company plans to use the proceeds for platform development, sales & marketing, operations, and platform fees.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Jay Allen, Founder & CEO
Jay has founded several startups including, The HR100, The CFO100, and The Influencer Board. He holds leadership positions at Fortune 500 companies and startups across five industries. He currently works at all his startups.

Brad Fehn, Board member & President
He has significant experience in building and leading various startups. He is currently on the board of 50 companies and is an avid investor. He co-founded the Treasurer 100, a private group of senior treasurers from the 100 largest public and private companies in DFW. He has also founded Duart Capital to focus on innovative private equity funding. Jay is a CFA charterholder. Currently, he is working part-time with the Influencer Board. 

The company has great and experienced advisors on board. It also has a good technical panel along with a resourceful network to scale the company. 

Valuation Notes

The company raised $100k at a pre-money valuation of $16M in March 2023. Currently, it has valued itself at $24M post-money. The company has previously raised $1.7M in angel round. Considering the company’s previous valuation and the milestones achieved since then including the break-even in operations and strong growth in the number of executives and vendors using the platform, the valuation seems justified.

Amount Raised : $207,550
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