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March 31, 2023
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The Scrub Industry's Dirty Little Secret

Most “antimicrobial” scrubs on the market today use the same cheap technologies as your gym shirt: coated silver fabrics. The problem is that silver can only be an effective antimicrobial agent when wet, so whenever it is dry, it is not significantly protecting the wearer. Additionally, most scrubs simply spray a coating of silver onto the finished fabrics, but it comes off in as few as 10 washes — meaning that the antimicrobial properties you paid for end up going down the drain.

The $94B Medical Uniform Market That's Primed for Innovation

"Antimicrobial" scrubs today use antiquated silver coatings that are ineffective at keeping healthcare professionals safe in the clinic. Meanwhile, hospitals are flooded with innvoations across medtech. It’s time for a tech-infused update to the industry’s standard scrubs.

The Rx: More Effective Copper Infused Technology

Ouragins uses the most advanced copper-based infusion technology, ThreadFusion, to create scrubs that kill 99% of germs like MRSA and Klebsiella. This makes Ouragi​ns 4x more effective than the leading "antimicrobial" competitor.



Level 1


  • Receive a free pair of Ouragins compression socks

Level 2


  • Level 1 Perks
  • Inclusion in Product Development Round Table
  • Receive a free scrubs set

Level 3


  • Level 2 Perks
  • Receive a free healthcare Profession Care Package

Level 4


  • Level 3 Perks
  • Receive naming rights for a limited-edition scrub color
  • Sit in on a design session

Level 5


  • Level 4 Perks
  • Scrubs donation to a community clinic in your name

Level 6


  • Level 5 Perks
  • Invitation to the Ouragins Major Investor Soiree for you and a guest

Level 7


  • Level 6 Perks
  • Join us for a visit to our LA facilities and sit down with the executive team. Flights, dining, and accomodation for you and a guest for 2 nights

Level 8


  • Level 7 Perks
  • Receive naming rights for an Ouragins product
  • Join us at a product launch event. Flights, dining, and accomodation for you and a guest for 3 nights

Key Deal Facts

There are 20+ million healthcare workers in the US alone with the vast majority wearing scrubs. 

The number of healthcare occupations is expected to rise by 16% through 2030 (US Bureau of Labor Statistics).

85% of medical professionals purchase their own scrubs, resulting in recession-proof, predictable demand. 

66% of professionals surveyed own six or more sets of scrubs with 18% owning nine or more sets at one time.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Shaun Veran


Michael Won



Amount Raised : $147,105
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