Endo LLC

Endo LLC

Endo LLC is seeking investment
to build out the remainder of the first floor into two grow rooms, purchase additional display cases in the existing dispensary, and scale our production & manufacturing capacity at our vertically integrated cannabis establishment.

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Revenue Sharing
Cannabis & Smoke Products
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Expected Close Date
February 28, 2023
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December 31st, 2029
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Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Ian Aarons
Co-Owner and Managing Director
Ian went to Saint Michaels High School and Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe before graduating with honors from the Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). He is co-owner of Atum.Tech in Albuquerque. As General Manager, Ian will be overseeing all day to day operations at Endo as well as long term strategy and product line implementation.

Preston Robinson
Store Manager

Alex Costello
Co-Owner and Technical Director
Alex runs our backend systems and ensures Endo utilizes the right systems to get the job done. He maintains our security, point-of-sale, network, and automation so that we can efficiently operate on a daily basis. Alex graduated from CNM in Albuquerque and has a CompTIA A+ certificate. Before joining Endo, Alex worked with Puma Capital LLC and is the ownder of Atum.Tech. He also worked for Sandia Computers as a computer repair technician.

Everett Robinson
Operations Manager

Stephanie Aarons
Inventory Manager
Stephanie graduated with honors from the University of New Mexico with a bachelor of science degree in Psychology.

Doris Valdez
Doris and Steve Aarons are the co-founders of Endo. Doris is a lifelong resident of Santa Fe with Spanish, Apache and San Ildefonso Pueblo roots. Doris was born and raised in Santa Fe, with ancestors from Youngsville New Mexico and the Jicarilla Apache nation. After 30 years working at the Museums of New Mexico in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and throughout the state, she retired from the NM Department of Cultural Affairs and has been devoting time to Meals on Wheels and other local charities. As co-founder of Endo, she has drawn on her extensive knowledge of the local community to assemble a dream team of Architect, Electrician, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer and local tradesmen to build out the dispensary and the grow rooms.

Steve Aarons
General Counsel
Steve and Doris Valdez are the co-founders of Endo. Steve attended George Washington U and Saint Louis U Law School before serving three years of active duty as an Army Judge Advocate in Germany before opening up his criminal defense firm in Santa Fe. Steve incorporated Endo LLC and its sister company, Puma Capital LLC, and waded through new legislation and regulations of the NM Cannabis Control Division. He overseas legal compliance with city and state agencies and is working to register the Endo trademark as new cannabis strains are being developed in house.

Rick Coughlin
Chief Science Officer
Dr. Coughlin earned his Ph.D. in Biophysics from Michigan State University. He is President and CSO of Sequela Biotech and a Study Section Reviewer at the National Institutes of Health. He holds countless US patents. Dr. Coughlin has been traveling throughout Asia and Europe to collect landrace strains which have evolved over millions of years, cultivating proprietary Endo strains of exceptional quality. He is developing ways to test immature cannabis plants for bioproperties. Another project is to extract these active ingredients for sublingual drops and subdural patches. Finally he keeps abreast of peer-reviewed medical and scientific literature that may confirm the beneficial effects of such cannabinoids as THCV, THC-O acetate, CBG and CBN.
Amount Raised : $52,200
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