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Empowering physicians through decentralization

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Common Stock
Healthcare & Medical
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Miami, FL
Offering Date
July 31, 2023
Expected Close Date
October 29, 2023
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Company Description

Physicians must empower themselves now in order to be free to ethically care for patients. HPEC provides a decentralized, physician controlled system that automates and streamlines the credentialing experience. By taking the bureaucracy out of credentialing, our platform creates workforce mobility, which in turn, gives you back the freedom to be the physician you’ve always wanted to be while creating greater access to care for your patients.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Leah Christine HoustonFounder | CEO | Head of Product | Sole DirectorLeah Houston, MD practiced emergency medicine across the US for nearly 10 years before becoming an entrepreneur in the physician autonomy and digital privacy space. She worked in 11 different health systems and 3 different states. During that time she experienced multiple times first-hand what all physicians experience: the administrative burden of the onboarding and credentialing process. That experience led her to start HPEC, a digital identity and credential data wallet for practicing physicians that will automate workforce mobility and improve patient access to physician talent.  The HPEC wallet is a decentralized identity application now available on the iOS and Google Play stores that makes the physician the primary source of ownership and control of their professional credentials, data, and right to work. We also developed Evercred; a separate and interoperable credential and authentic data issuing and verification system. Evercred and HPEC are built on open decentralized identity standards and are therefore Interoperable but not interdependent. Our system can interop with any other decentralized identity standards based system and are in beta and available for pilot projects.,

Amount Raised : $577,959
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