Carnot Compression

Sustainable oil-free air compressors

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Amount Raised: $77,946
Security Type
Common Stock
General, Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing
Min Investment
Scotts Valley, CA
Offering Date
May 27, 2020
Expected Close Date
January 04, 2023
Target Raise
No. Investors
Security Price
Deal Notes

$1.00 per share

Number of Employees
Short Term Debt
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Long Term Debt
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Company Description

Carnot Compression has patented a method for solving the ‘heat of compression’ problem, and in the process has developed a means to drastically cut down on billions of dollars worth of wasted operating costs across a bevy of industries.

Use of Proceeds

Research & Development: 10.0%

Marketing: 6.5%

Operations: 20.0%

Company Employment: 60.0%

StartEngine Platform Fees: 3.5%


$500+ | Investor Community Access: Receive periodic updates from our executive team on key developments and major milestones
$2,000+ | 20 Horsepower: Receive 3% bonus shares
$5,000+ | 50 Horsepower: Receive 5% Bonus Shares + 30-minute call with our executives to discuss the company
$10,000+ | 100 Horsepower: Receive 5% Bonus Shares + $1,000 rebate on a future compressor purchase
$25,000+ | 250 Horsepower: Receive 5% Bonus Shares + $1,500 rebate on a future compressor purchase
*All perks occur after the Offering is completed.

Key Deal Facts

Compressors driven by electric motors consume $227B every year in electricity; Carnot has a roadmap for reducing these costs by 20% or more
Carnot has assembled leading experts from all over — including engineering PhDs, compressed air marketing veterans, and product development professionals
Huge Market - Compressed air will soon be a $40.43B market

Security Description

Common stock is a security that represents ownership in a corporation.

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