On-Demand WorkSpace. Anytime. AnyPlace.

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San Jose, CA
Offering Date
June 18, 2020
Expected Close Date
September 17, 2020
Target Raise
Deal Notes

$0.75 per share


Company Description

ZenSpace helps remote workers find workspaces in underutilized public spaces like open lobbies. This is a boon for both the worker and also the real estate owners who will be able to capitalize on a previously un-monetized parcel of real estate.


$500+ |Traveler: Invest $500+ and receive 25% of your investment in credits to either purchase your own ZenSpace pod or rent space at existing and/or future pods.
$1,000+ | Nomad: Invest $1,000+ and receive 30% of your investment in credits to either purchase your own ZenSpace pod or rent space at existing and/or future pods & receive 10% bonus shares.
$2,500+ | Wanderer: Invest $2,500+ and receive 35% of your investment in credits to either purchase your own ZenSpace pod or rent space at existing and/or future pods & receive 10% bonus shares.
$5,000+ | Zen: Invest $5,000+ and receive 40% of your investment in credits to either purchase your own ZenSpace pod or rent space at existing and/or future pods & receive 15% bonus shares.
$10,000+ | Zen + Team Access: Invest $10,000+ and receive the Zen perk, plus have access to a special workshop at our Bay Area or Las Vegas facility so you can meet the team and see new products. Hotel stay & meals will be included.
*All perks occur when the offering is completed.

Key Deal Facts

Remote working was already on the rise, with over 26M remote workers in the US, but the pandemic will be accelerating that growth
Our dual-sided marketplace provides revenue-generating solutions for real estate owners while offering remote workers a consistent, peaceful work environment
We are founded by a team of technologists, engineers, and visionaries who believe that mobile business is the future of work

Use of Proceeds

Marketing: 50.0 - 96.5%

Inventory: 0 - 25.0%

Working Capital: 0 - 21.5%

StartEngine Platform Fees: 3.5%

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Mayank Agrawal
Mayank Agrawal has a background in engineering and sales in high-tech industry working with leading tech companies like STMicroelectronics. As CEO of ZenSpace, he is reimagining the flexible workspace and coming up with innovative technology-driven to improve the spaces in which we work. His background in software and technology-enabled him and his team to develop the worlds first SmartPods and Instant Business Lounge solutions.

Ted Simon
Chief Revenue Officer
Ted Simon has a breadth of experience in sales and strategy where he has supported some of the of the best-known of the Fortune 500 brands such as Nestle, Pillsbury, Procter & Gamble, and Kraft Food - to name a few. As VP of Sales and Business Development at ZenSpace, he excels in cross-category insights - offering solutions for the intertwined needs of ZenSpace's B2B and B2C customers.

Rohit Gupta
VP of Software Engineering
Rohit brings over 17+ years experience in the field of technology to the team. As Director of Software Engineering, he streamlines our software to create solutions for ZenSpace's customers, clients and vendors. His love for technology makes him agile when it comes to finding everyday solutions in software development.

Gopi Mohan
VP of Technology
Gopi Mohan has over 23+ years of experience in Telecom, Networking, SDN, Virtualization, Security, and IoT domain. As Vice President of Technology, Gopi manages our Smart Meeting Room kit covering Network and IoT engineering solutions. Gopi works 30 hours per week at ZenSpace.

Kimmo Heinstrom
VP of Product Engineering
Kimmo has a breadth of experience in leading high-end furniture design. Kimmo is a Product Design and Engineering consultant at ZenSpace, where his passion and track record of designing high-end furniture has inspired state-of-the-art product lines.

Sia Moiwa
Operations Manager
Sia has 14 years of experience in Business Administration and HR Operations. As Operations Manager at ZenSpace, Sia excels at communication across teams, project facilitation, and creating seamless operational standards. Sia currently works 15-20 hours per week at ZenSpace.

Umang Dhawan
Marketing Manager
Umang has 9+ years of experience in digital marketing and specializes in lead generation through various channels. Umang is ZenSpace's marketing manager where she excels at website management and planning, CRM, marketing automation, google analytics, social media management and search engine optimization.

Aleesandra Mantovani
Business Development and Strategic Consultant
Alessandra Mantovani has ten years experience in brand management - where she has developed award-winning brands and visual storytelling. As ZenSpace's Business Development Manager, Alessandra is integral to developing the team's go-to-market strategy, product innovation, and sales outreach.

Jim Young
Strategic Advisor, CEO of Realcomm
Jim Young is the co-founder of Realcomm Conference Group, a worldwide research and event company at the intersection of technology, innovation and real estate operations. Jim offers high insight and network as he regularly works with some of the largest companies globally in real estate projects under development.

Raghuveer Tara
Board Member, Product Engineering Leader
Raghuveer Tarra is the VP of Engineering at Roku, a leading consumer tech company in the OTT space. He has been part of the founding team of leading technology companies like Sling Media and GigSky. As a ZenSpace board member, Raghuveer brings great insight as an accomplished technology executive with more than 25 years of experience in building Consumer Electronics, Telecom, IoT, and other SaaS products. Raghuveer contributes one hour per week to ZenSpace.

Deal Notes

$0.75 per share

Amount Raised : $288,380
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