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Projected Return
15 months
Total Project Costs
Nova Waste Llc

Key Deal Facts

The Borrower was advanced the money it needed to begin renovation of this property on April 14, 2023 by Groundfloor Finance Inc. (“Groundfloor,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) or a wholly-owned subsidiary of Groundfloor. The Borrower has now begun renovation of the property. If this offering is fully subscribed, Groundfloor will continue to administer and service the loan as further described in the Offering Circular., The renovation of the property may be extensive, and therefore subject to delays and other unexpected issues., The renovation will require permitting, and permits may not be obtained on time or may be denied., The Borrower is using $4,222.98 of the loan proceeds to pay off an existing loan that was used to acquire the property. Groundfloor will assume the first lien position. The rest of the loan proceeds will be put towards the renovation of the property, much like an acquisition and renovation loan., The Borrower has not completed or sold any projects in the past year. As such, the Borrower's average revenue, costs, and margins cannot be calculated., The Principal has not yet completed or sold any projects. As such, the Principal's average revenue, costs, and margins cannot be calculated., Please consult the
Offering Circular
for further discussion of general risk factors.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Marcus Haliburton - principal
Available to Invest : $2
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