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Energy, Sustainability, Technology, Transportation & Storage
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January 13, 2023
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June 01, 2023
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Company Description

Vroom Solar produces off-grid do-it-yourself solar energy kits for portable applications. Currently in development, we have our proof of concept, prototype, and core team established - aiming to be in-market by Q4 of 2023 with our first commercial production run.

Key Deal Facts

We believe our DIY solar kits produce 5-10x the output of traditional battery-based portable solar energy systems. Easy to install and no batteries needed - we’ve found our kits to be more cost effective and sustainable than gas generators.

Our initial target market will be the $4.68 Billion small generator industry, as California is in the process of banning the use of <25hp gas engines by 2024. From there, Vroom Solar has the potential to grow into other remote energy needs, like EV charging.

From job sites, to disaster relief, to homeland security - Vroom Solar believes the need for mobile solar energy is more prevalent now than ever. That’s why our founder has taken his expertise in solar technology, and created a kit specifically designed to address these needs, and help those trying to accomplish DIY solar load management.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Luke PhelpsCEO/Founder/Board PresidentLuke Phelps, is a serial entrepreneur and has been the founder of Red Barn Solar, PVpallet, Inc. and Vroom Solar, Inc. He loves to develop new ideas and find creative ways to help our world become a better place., James BartleyCTOMost of James’ career, he has been an electrician. He acquired his masters electrical license and started his own electrical company, in which he shifted focus to the utility scale solar pile driving industry towards the end. James then sold his solar pile driving business and switched focus to real estate investing. Recently he took on the title of CTO for Vroom Solar. James leads the charge for the control center development.
Jonathan YoungBoard TreasurerJonathan has over 10 years in the Solar industry with a focus on racking design and supply chain management. He has successfully launched and grown two different startups into multi-million dollar businesses. Jonathan owns two patents for solar racking technologies.
Katherine BensonCommunity Relations CoordinatorKatherine has over fifteen years experience in teaching design in higher education and applying creative problem solving to a variety of media, from communication design to film production. She utilizes the process of divergent, then convergent thinking for idea development and improving existing systems. Her MS in Communication Design was a two-year study in asking “what does this communicate to someone who’s never seen it before?,” which is a technique she’s continued to apply to her work, no matter what the situation. 
Vanessa BenkertMarketing LeadVanessa Benkert advises Vroom Solar on all things Marketing and Branding. Vanessa has an MA in Communication and 14 years of design, marketing, and branding experience. Whether working with small businesses or large, established brands, her work is founded on the principle that design should be strategic, creative, and all about communication. As a board member of Vroom Solar, Vanessa brings an expert, proven approach to content development, both visual and verbal, along with a zest for meeting new challenges.
Amount Raised : $338,207
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